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Getting kids to read books is a nearly impossible task especially with the height of technological advancements. However, thanks to the Broadway Barks app created by developer CJ Educations, getting kids to read books is now made easy. Perfect for kids aged 2-8, Broadway Barks is a childrens storybook app that makes it easy for them to acquire vocabulary and develop a healthy affection for animals.

BroadwayBarks Storybook App Features:

Broadway Barks promises a range of features from musical to reading fun. For the musical fun, the following features are:

  • Based on the New York Times Best Selling storybook
  • Enjoy award winning artist Bernadette Peters lullaby Kramer’s Song
  • Soothing narration by Bernadette Peters and use the interactive elements on every page.
  • Choose to read the story at your own pace or use the app’s auto play feature

BroadwayBarks Storybook App Appearance & Layout:

With catchy and lively music and lyrics by Bernadette Peters and visuals attractive enough for a four year old, Broadway Barks gives interactive reading an all new edge. The virtual pages of the app make the boring task of reading books enjoyable again.

BroadwayBarks Storybook App Value:

For an educational app that promises all the fun plus more live action books can’t offer, the price of $2.99 is a steal. Broadway Barks promises endless fun with four years and over aged kids and it’s definitely a gaming app that’s great for kids to be hooked on.

BroadwayBarks Storybook App Everything Else:

Broadway Barks is compatible with the iPad with an iOS of 3.2 or later. Current version is at 1.0 with a size of 94.6MB.

iPad App
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iTunes Description

Welcome to our new application 'Broadway Barks', $3.99->$2.99 for a limited time only!!

5.0 out of 5 stars at!

The original children’s picture book, “Broadway Barks” was written, narrated,
and sung beautifully by Tony-award winning American actress,
Bernadette Peters. It is a warm and an appealing story of loss, reunion,
and nurturing – complete with a happy ending.

In a park lives a lonely little dog, Douglas.
He is befriended by a pretty, red-haired stranger (Peters), who takes him to a Broadway stage so that he has a chance at being adopted.
How can Douglas be a star and find himself a new home?

Do you know Broadway Barks?

Broadway Barks is an animal charity event founded by Bernadette Peters in 1999 to promote the adoption of shelter animals.

The storybook “Broadway Barks” debuted on the New York Times Bestseller list and has been receiving unchanging love from children.

“Broadway Barks” is a story about a dog who finds a new family after being adopted.
I hope this story will help you understand how important it is to take care of animals.”

– Bernadette Peters, 2012

Note from Peters to her children fans, with the release of “Broadway Barks” app

– About Broadway Barks App

Broadway Barks App tells a story about a lonely dog Douglas searching for his home, with beautiful music and lyrics by Bernadette Peters. In addition, Broadway Barks App includes three special reading features and unique interactive activities that go beyond the storybook and are exclusive this app.

– Grow with Broadway Barks!

Kids between ages 2-8 acquire vocabulary at a tremendous speed, and they also develop strong affinity towards companions and animals. Reading stories based on animals stimulates their linguistic and intellectual abilities, and at the same time nurture their emotional senses.

Douglas from “Broadway Barks” will support your kids’ growth and development in various ways.

– Musical Fun!

1) Douglas’ Showtime: Create the most exciting showtime for Douglass so that he can impress the audience with unique songs and dances.
2) Kramer’s Song: Enjoy the beautiful lullaby music for Kramer, with music and lyrics by Bernadette Peters. This will be a wonderful bedtime ritual for your kids.

– Reading Features!

1) Read to Me: Enjoy the beautiful narration of Bernadette Peters and use the interactive elements on every page.
2) Auto Play: Relax and enjoy the story as it unfolds…the pages turn automatically for you.
3) Read it Myself: Turn off the narration to read the story by yourself as the words appear on the screen.

Curious about the heartwarming story of Broadway Barks?
To create Douglas’ amazing Broadway show… Click and download to BEGIN!

An exciting new world opens up at your child’s fingertips. – CJ Educations


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