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Moron. It usually means stupid, dumb, spastic. No one wants to be called a moron, it is usually reserved for those who mean to deliver insult.

Well, application developer Abigbang is delivering a rather decisive game to test if people really are moronic… or not. Champion Moron is a fun game that will make the audience see if you have earned the title of “moron” or if they are mistaken. And then try it out on your family and friends to see who is the “champion moron” of the bunch.

Generally, Champion Moron is simply a test (a four-level test, to be more accurate). If you answer a question correctly, you get to move on to the next one. It is an easy concept to grasp, and the application is pretty straight-forward with the rules. But do not be mistaken—this is a pretty challenging game.

First of all, the questions are somewhat tricky. It definitely tries its best to prove your moronic tendencies, so you better stay on your toes the entire time. Stay alert and maybe—just maybe—you’ll make it to the end with ease.

Secondly, should you lose your life (get a certain number of answers wrong), you will have to start the game from scratch. You’ll return to the beginning and would have to get through the same questions again. This sounds like an advantage. On the contrary, if you do not remember the correct answer, it can be quite frustrating. Your best bet is to try to keep track of your right and wrong answers, so you can answer the best way you can the next time.

The graphics are pretty simple; kind of amateurish but definitely just right considering the subject of Champion Moron. The subtle background design is interesting enough without taking away from the game. And the mechanics are so much fun anyway that you’ll find the simple graphics not so important.

Find out if you’re a moron by grabbing a hold of Champion Moron from the App Store for free.

iTunes Description
For the winner of the champion moron, you have to pass 4 kind level of moron test.
You can escape from moron group if you pass 4 level test.
Try 4 level moron test with mr. monkey who is inventor and the first winner of the moron champion test.
If you have photographic memory, you can finish it fast.
Or if you have poor memory, it's long time to finish it. but you can do it.
The monkey natives in the jungle help you with drum and voice while you are testing level.
Enjoy this testing game and try to find who is the champion moron among your family, friends and your partner.
I hope you enjoy and finishing this Champion Moron testing game without straggler.

– this Champion Moron Lite version only support level 1 test.
– try to Champion Moron full version for 4 level testing.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

iPhone App:
Champion Moron Lite - Abigbang

iPad App:
Champion Moron Lite - Abigbang

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