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Whatever you’re looking for in a game, Caricature Maker Pro is something everyone will surely enjoy. After all, who doesn’t like playing with photos, colors and clothes?

Unleash your inner artist and make a truly unique caricature with your picture of choice and a dash of inspiration. Perhaps girls will find this more suitable to them, as it has the feel of being a “dress-up” or “make-up” game, even though it’s not. However, men who are open to various kinds of fun will also spend hours with this application.

Unlike other photo applications that merely use filters to enhance your images, Caricature Maker Pro allows users to stretch their creative muscles and create something that completely captures the subject’s essence.

A host of different clothes, accessories and add-ons in the app leave little room for duplication, and plenty of space to play around with the combinations. Background images allow you to personalize even further – design a caricature for every occasion to make things more festive year-round.

Seriously, one can spend a good chunk of time choosing the perfect look. And then, conveniently edit your pictures to perfection right on your portable device.

Navigation is very simple, and the graphics are sophisticated. As long as you’re comfortable with your i-device, you should have no problem handling this application like a pro.

Best of all, you can share your creations with the world – or more specifically, your world. It can be as simple as saving it as an image file or posting it on Facebook and Twitter for all of your friends to see.

Spice up your plain profile pictures, amuse yourself when you’re spending the day alone and have a blast taking turns with your friends with this enjoyable application.

Caricature Maker Pro costs $0.99, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

iTunes Description
Create professional quality caricatures of yourself and others with Caricature Maker Pro! Caricature Maker Pro is a one-of-a-kind caricature creation utility that combines your creativity and insight with a photo of your choice. The result? Caricatures that warm your heart, make you smile, or just plain earn laughs-out-loud!

Don’t fall for photo filters that just simplify an existing photo—the true value of a caricature is in its ability to truly capture the subject’s personality. For that, a human touch is required. Caricature Maker Pro allows you to incorporate your own input in order to create a truly expressive image, while doing all of the heavy lifting for you!

Start with a photo, add a dash of technology, and spice it up with your own sense of humor—then save or share your results for maximum impact! Brighten a friend’s day, create a completely unique avatar, liven up your contact photos, or surprise your sweetheart with caricatures of the two of you together—it’s up to you!


  • Use a photo you’ve saved in your device’s photo album, or take a photo from within the application
  • Simple touch screen controls tweak the placement of added features over the photo
  • Extensive customization options ensure your caricature captures the subject—exaggerate, downplay, and enhance individual features to your heart’s content.
  • Once you’re satisfied with your creation, use it however you’d like! Save it as an image in your album, or spread the love by sharing with Facebook and Twitter through the app’s integrated sharing options! You can also email your caricature from within the app.
  • Standard accessories and options are available by default, but check out the shop to really bring your caricature to life with an ever-growing inventory of items!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later

iPhone App:
Caricature Maker Pro - Mcookie inc.

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