ButterBall Cookbook Thanksgiving Recipes iPhone and iPad App


Butterball Cookbook Thanksgiving Recipes iPhone and iPad App

Thanksgiving Just Got Easier with ButterBall Cookbook Thanksgiving Recipes iPhone and iPad App

ButterBall Cookbook Plus app is an all in one cookbook for you iOS device. The ButerBall Cookbook Plus iPhone and iPad app comes with hundreds of Thanksgiving recipes and a set of features that will give you the confidence you need to make any dish your heart desires.

Whether you’re looking to impress your date with a fancy dish or need to prepare a holiday feast for the entire family, this app will prove to be a handy tool in any cooking situation. You can easily browse through dishes using a variety of search filters and view the difficulty of each dish before trying it out.

Each dish you select comes with a picture showing you what end result should look like. You can view ratings by other users or provide your own once you’ve made that dish. The app also gives you prep methods which come with detailed step by step instructions and a voice command feature that allows you to tell the app when to flip to the next page of instructions.

The ingredients needed for your dishes are accessed by tapping on the ingredients section of your selected dish. The ingredients can be modified for different serving portions and you convert measurements using the app’s built in unit converter.

As you browse through recipes you can shake your device and a random recipe will show up based on a filter you select. The included filters allow you to search for recipes according to top rated recipes, dish types i.e lunch, salads, main dishes etc., prep methods and by different themes.

You can also add your own recipes with details such a serving size, photos, ingredients list and preparation steps.  Your custom recipes are saved after being created and can later be added to your meal builder which lets you create custom meals based on your recipes.

ButterBall Coookbook Plus is $4.99 from iTunes and is an extremely good tool for preparing any type of meal no matter your level of expertise. The app is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

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Butterball Cookbook Plus - Recipes for Thanksgiving & Every Day Occasions - Publications International, Ltd.Butterball Cookbook Plus - Recipes for Thanksgiving & Every Day Occasions - Publications International, Ltd. ★★★★★
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