BugMath – App Review

BugMath - App Review

BugMath - App Review

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BugMath uses the principles of Singaporean math to helps your kids learn to count, add, subtract, and become familiar with matching.  You will really appreciate how this app teaches your kids ages 3-6 to learn math in a fun and exciting way. Your kids will be accompanied by a friendly alien character named Ug-ug!  Ug-ug is traveling in his new spaceship and gets lost in a vortex. Ug-ug accidently crashes into a planet called Aliennz.  Your kids will explore the surroundings of Aliennez and help Ug-ug escape from bugs by using their math skills. This app was designed very well with great graphics, vibrant sounds, and nice music.  Your kids will definitely enjoy BugMath and the greatest thing is they will be learning in the process.


iTunes Description
Using the principles of Singaporean math, TotsMobile introduces BugMath, a math game for your kids that will enable them to learn counting, addition, subtraction, and matching—all with a friendly alien buddy named Ug-ug!

While traveling in his shiny new spaceship, Ug-ug gets lost in a vortex and accidentally crash-lands on a mysterious planet called Aliennz. As he leaves his ship and explores his surroundings, he discovers that Aliennz is full of bugs! Your child can help Ug-ug escape his buggy foes by using their math skills.

Parents will appreciate how Ug-ug helps to teach math skills to their children, ages 3 to 6, while kids delight in coming along with Ug-Ug on his math adventures in this strange, bug-filled planet. BugMath features an easy-to-use, intuitive interface with accurate controls for even the littlest fingers; its rich graphics, vibrant sounds, and cheery music will delight your child and make learning math fun and easy!

Join Ug-ug as he explores the bug-filled planet Aliennz and learns math skills through 5 entertaining and educational activities:

  • Bug Attack!: The bugs want to defeat Ug-ug and steal his spaceship! Help Ug-ug zap the falling bugs before they land on the ground and count along each time Ug-ug zaps a bug. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… there are 100 bugs to beat!
  • Counting Game: Ug-ug helps to teach double-digit numbers 11-20. Count the number of bugs on the screen and paint the numbers and the words!
  • Big & Small: Help sharpen Ug-ug’s skills by putting the little and big bugs in the correct order—from smallest to biggest or biggest to smallest. Find the right answer and watch an even larger bug munch on the others!
  • Plus Minus Bugs: Ug-ug wants to practice his addition and subtraction skills. You can tap on the bugs to count up or down to find the correct answer!
  • Matching: Oh no, several pairs of bugs are trying to stow away on Ug-ug’s spaceship! Tap on the spaceships to aid Ug-ug in finding and matching the hiding bugs.

BugMath is filled with fun games for your child and Ug-ug to play and teaches many skills, including:

  • Number recognition and logical thinking using visual and auditory clues
  • Quantity recognition and sequencing using bug icons
  • Counting of numbers greater than 10 with the use of voiceovers
  • Solving simple addition and subtraction equations
  • Sorting skills from small-to-big and big-to-small using different sized bugs as visual clues
  • Reading and learning to write spelled-out numbers
  • Memory strengthening through the use of matching
  • Helping to foster fine motor skills with the Bug Attack game

Compatible with 4.0v and higher for iphone and ipod touch.

About TotsMobile: Under the direction of parent company Zixxe Pte. Ltd., TotsMobile develops fun and educational mobile games for kids. If you and your kids are having fun with Ug-ug and want the scoop on the latest games and updates from TotsMobile, follow @totsmobile on Twitter and like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tots-Mobile/169540943058722 . Now get to zapping those bugs!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.

BugMath - Zixxe Pte. Ltd.
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