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It is a universal truth: There is nothing harder to do than trying to make a naughty kid brush his or her teeth. Drag him to the sink, carry him, threaten him, plead – it doesn't matter. It is a battle of wills and a child is infinitely more stubborn than a world-weary parent or babysitter. And of course, a routine like this will wear you down. The trick is not to wear down the child instead (that's unlikely), but instead to trick him into brushing his teeth willingly. Yes, this is possible if you have a trick or two up your sleeve. Why not entertain the child?

The developers of Brush With Jackson definitely have the right idea. The app is designed to entertain your kid while brushing, as well as act as a timer so that the activity takes the recommended two to three minutes.

That amount of time will fly by in a whiz with the application's adorable features. First of all, the character at the helm – Jackson – is extremely cute. The yellow fluffy bunny is instantly endearing to kids (and even adults), capturing their attention to make them brush their teeth.

What used to be a chore will now be really fun with hilarious animations from the bunny. Not only is he there to keep the child distracted, but he will also entertain – with no holds barred. Jackson will respond to different actions in a variety of ways. He will repeat after you, giggle when you tickle his tummy, squeal when you poke him, wink when he is touched in the eye and twitch his nose like a real rabbit when you poke him there. The wacky personality will even use his toothbrush as an instrument to amuse the audience. It is so entertaining that your child will want to brush his teeth many times instead of just the required twice daily.

The animation is really flawless in Brush With Jackson. The character moves seamlessly, and very responsive to actions. Since the app is meant to be used a few times a day only, navigation is quick and simple. It can be accessed in a jiffy if necessary.

This app has even caught the attention of the professionals, being featured in the British Dental Journal in February 2012. Get a hold of it from the App Store now for a great brushing experience.

iTunes Description
Brush with Jackson is an app in which Jackson Rabbit brushes his teeth alongside you in the bathroom or at the kitchen sink. With supervision children use Jackson as a timer to brush for the recommended 2-3 minutes, twice a day and have fun whilst doing it.

Using Jackson in this way means you will be able to buy your child a good toothbrush to use and by using Jackson morning and night to keep them ‘on task’ your child should develop the healthy habit of keeping their teeth clean and shiny like Jackson.

As well as addressing the need for tooth brushing in your children, Jackson will repeat what you say to him, giggle loudly when his tummy is tickled, squeal when poked in the tummy, wink an eye when it’s touched and twitch his nose when poked.
Whilst amusing your child it will encourage self awareness of parts of the body and hand eye coordination.

Jackson will also ‘play’ his toothbrush with various instrument sounds designed to amuse and entertain!

The British Dental Journal featured an article about Brush With Jackson in its February 2012 edition. There has also recently been an article about it in Vital magazine.

There is also a high-definition version of Brush With Jackson for the iPad, called Brush With Jackson HD.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

iPhone App:
Brush with Jackson - Rosie's Playtime

iPad App:
Brush With Jackson HD - Rosie's Playtime

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