Bring Your Pictures to Life With iColorama iPad App

Bring Your Pictures to Life With iColorama iPad App

Bring Your Pictures to Life With iColorama iPad App

The last touch for your images: enhance colors and apply many filters and image settings.

– Use 4 circle masks or finger mask for selecting where to apply effects.
– Deform the image with your finger or use 8 deforms presets
– Enhance the colors and tones of your images, more than 200 presets combined.
– Create pieces of art even if you are not an artist by applying Sketch, Simplify and Painterly styles.
– Upload directly the result to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Complete list of effects:

Enhance, Pastel, MatchColor, Bleach, B&W, BW&Color, Duotone, Tritone


Blend, Vignette, Noise, Light, Blur, Denoise, Sharpen, Multi, Gradient

Sketch, Simplify, Painterly, Edges, Flated, Halftone, Pixels, Hatches, Engraves

High, ToneLab, Vibrance, Saturate, Exposure, Channels, HDR

Warp, Flip, Straight, Deforms, Glass, Waves, Escher, Tiles

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