BrightNest by Angies List App Demo

BrightNest by Angies List App Demo

BrightNest by Angies List App Demo

It’s said that “home is where the heart is” and with that in mind it’s always great to have a healthy heart. But when life becomes a lot to handle it can become easy for your home to become a cluttered mess. The app “BrightNest – Home Organization” is the app you need to help clean up your home and be prepared for anything thrown your way. Take advantage of tons of great tips and reminders, tools and easy to create schedules all in this extremely powerful and helpful application.

After launch all users are greeted by a menu to get started with the app or log-in to their accounts. When setting up the app for the first time users are prompted to answer a few quick questions to help the app familiarize themselves with the user. Following questions regarding if you have kids, pets or other items that you take care of regularly users must enter in their zip-code to finalize the process and help the app customize tips. One thing that makes the whole entry process with “BrightNest” is that when it’s all said and done users can simply link the app to Facebook to login as well! From here the app opens up and you’re good to go.

There is a lot to get done in our busy lives and while we may complete things there can be more efficient ways to improve your way of life. “BrightNest” is the perfect application for fulfilling needs like this, from the get-go the app provides hand-picked to-dos and more to make sure you’re getting the most out of your day to better your home and way of living. From the open menu users can simply scroll through a wave of suggestions correlated to the categories they selected from the initial questionnaire; creativity, cleaning, etc. See how to get crafty with your organization, ways to clean your carpet and more, fun ways to address the things you need most in your life for your homes.

Making “BrightNest” such a cool application is not only it’s creative idea but how well the developers executed the idea. “BrightNest” is clean, organized and well designed but most importantly it actually holds all the information and help you need to better your home. There is literally thousands of tips and tricks in this app helping you cover a ton of different areas in your life. Accounts are free, it’s easy to customize, and uniquely tailored for you to personalize the app to your own liking. Making your home a better place is as easy to start doing as downloading “BrightNest – Home Organization” today!

“BrightNest – Home Organization” is available for free in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 7.1 or later.

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