Brain App & Brain App XL – App Review

Brain App XL - App Review

Brain App XL - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Now Available on the iPhone and iPod Touch!!! That’s right the game we have all come to love is now available on the iPhone and iPod Touch!! So what’s your Brain App IQ?  If you’re a fan of popular games like Brian Age and Big Brain Academy, then Brain App XL is the game for you!  Determine your “Brain App IQ” by running through 5 short exercises.  Your progress (whether successful or not) will count toward your overall Brain App IQ – so do the best you can!  The short games are fun – with challenges including Speed Math (solve math problems quickly!), Balloon Burst (pop balloons in the sequence provided on the screen), Card Count (numerical sum of displayed playing cards), Missing Signs (another mathematical game where you choose the operators +, -, and/or x), and Color Chaos (play it to find out what challenge this game holds!).  When you master the easy levels, move up to advanced for a new challenge!  Compare your Brain App IQ against the World Rankings to see how you stack up!  

Brain App recently added some awesome features that allow you to sync your scores between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac version.  You do this by simplily adding an account at

Hands down a 5 star app that everyone should download and practice at least once a day!


iTunes Description
The critically acclaimed brain training game, now available on your iPad. Featuring fifteen modes across five varied brain exercise types. Join the 20,000+ people who have given their mind a workout with Brain App.

The Brain Exercises:

Speed Math: (30sec & 60sec Modes)
Solve as many equations as possible within the time limit. Variable difficulty settings will challenge players of all ages and abilities.

Balloon Burst:

Burst the numbered balloons in order – lowest to highest, or highest to lowest …watch closely as the order may change mid-game.

Card Count:
Multiple playing cards are thrown onto the screen. Race against the clock to quickly total the value of the cards. Numbered cards are easy, but when Jacks, Queens and Kings appear you’ll have to think fast!

Missing Signs:
Given two numbers and an answer you must figure out if the numbers have been added, subtracted or multiplied. Three difficulty settings, and a 60 second time limit to score as many correct answers as you can.

Color Chaos: (new in v1.2)
Words will be displayed in colored text on the screen, tap the button that matches the COLOR of the text displayed. Match the color of the text, NOT the actual word. It takes a logical mind to do this at speed without making a mistake. Easy mode has three colors, Advanced mode has five.

Online World Rankings:
Compete with over 20,000 Brain App users in our global leaderboard.
‘BrainApp IQ’ is an overall score based on your results in every Brain Exercise – with Brain App XL you can take your BrainApp IQ online and compete against the world!

In-app User Manual:
Accessible from the main menu, the user manual is on hand if you ever need help. Plus a feedback system allows you to suggest new features and game modes for future Brain App updates.

Press & User Reviews…

“Guilty of being one of my favorites!” – AppCourt

“Addictive & Entertaining” ★★★★★ – User Review

“I love anything that helps you learn and makes you smarter — Brain App is just that!” ★★★★ – AppReviewLive

“Fun. Cheap. Exhilarating. Mac or iPhone or iPad. What else could you ask for? There’s even a way to compare your brain against other brains in an online ranking. Must. Have.” –

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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