Book Of Magic – App Review

Book Of Magic - App Review

Book Of Magic - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Have you ever wanted to learn magic, but you just weren’t sure if you could pull it off?  Live a little and download Book of Magic!  With over 60 magic tricks separated by category, you’ll be sure to find something to show off at your next party!  Each trick offers a video of the illusion performed by a magician with subtitles in 5 languages.  And you don’t need to buy an elaborate array of supplies to show off your new magic powers – most of items used in these tricks are found in your average home; things like cards, coins, rope, and napkins.  With tricks broken out by complexity, try your hand at the simple tricks first and move on to easy, then advanced.  Or, if you’re only interested in truly wowing your friends, turn your attention and efforts toward the tricks ranked “stunning” on the parameter scale.  Impress your friends or make new ones by showing off your new magic skills thanks to Book of Magic!


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Learning effective, awe inspiring magic tricks has never been easier with Book of Magic! The illusions in this app take mere minutes to master but are guaranteed to leave lasting impressions on anyone who sees them. Even better, little or no materials are required!

No matter what the occasion may be, Book of Magic has everything you need to quickly learn and master the perfect magic trick for it. The app’s sixty available tricks are divided up into seven unique genres to help users quickly pin point which type of trick would work best in any given situation.

Magic trick categories include Card tricks, Romantic tricks for that special someone, and Mental illusions as well. Popular Bar tricks, miscellaneous “Other” tricks, as well as illusions utilizing Money and Rubber Bands, are included as well. Furthermore, users can browse through learnable tricks by Complexity, or via the app’s Showiness list – which sorts illusions by how grandiose or subtle their overall effect is.

Book of Magic was developed for both simplicity and practicality. For ease of use, every trick in this app is taught via short well produced video segments, and all included tricks at most necessitate only minimal material preparation. In fact, this app teaches users magic in such a simple and straight forward way that most videos don’t even require sound!

Those video lessons that do require audio feature subtitle options in five unique languages to ensure no users are alienated. You don’t need to take a chance to learn magic, download Book of Magic and all you’ll need to take is a minute out of your day!

Included Features:

  • 60 unique magic tricks to learn.
  • 7 different magic trick categories.
  • Option to sort of tricks by complexity and showiness.
  • Universally compatible across all iOS devices.
  • Retina Display support.
  • Clear easy-to-follow instructional videos.
  • More than 2 hours-worth of HD video materials.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

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