BodyFate – App Review

BodyFate - App Review

BodyFate - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Everyone needs a workout routine that is going to keep them interested and motivated.  BodyFate delivers just that with dynamic workout routines that fit your workout space and equipment requirements.  Choose your fitness level (beginner through “jock”), workout length, and equipment.  When you are ready to begin, spin the Wheel of Torture to determine which exercise you will complete first.  Each exercise provides you with a picture of the action, with options to view a video of the action as well.  BodyFate understands that all exercises may not be for you, so it gives you the option to pass an exercise – but you only get 2 passes, so use them wisely!  If you have given everything you have and you just can’t exercise anymore, you can make a deal with the devil to end your routine early – but it won’t come without a price!  It is easy to see why BodyFate is a workout favorite of fitness magazines and celebrities alike.  With what seems like an endless list of possible exercises, BodyFate keeps your workout interesting and offers motivation at the same time!


iTunes Description
The highly acclaimed and most innovative, super fat-burning fitness app/game on the app store!

Listed as one of the best fitness apps of 2011 by SHAPE

Named as one of Apple’s “2010 Hot Trends Personal Trainer iPhone apps”.

NEW YORK TIMES “While a number of exercise apps tell you how to sculpt and tone in the gym, a new app from celebrity trainer Christine Hazelton does that as well as telling you how to work out when you don’t have a gym… – you can count on your quaking muscles to tell you how much of a workout you’ve had.”

“Nothing kicks my ass more than BODYFATE! I’m leaner than ever. BF keeps the workouts entertaining and challenging because you never know what the hell is going to happen next! Christine is -bar-none- the most knowledgeable/innovative trainer I’ve ever trained with.” THOMAS JANE (The Punisher, HBO’s Hung)

“Coolest workout app period.” DANE COOK

“This game is awesome! Like having Christine Hazelton (the best trainer I have ever worked with) in your pocket. It’s foolproof, ingenious, fun to use and kicks my ass every time. I cannot recommend it highly enough.” SONYA WALGER (Lost’s Penny,Flash Forward)

MSN Listed as a “MUST HAVE” digital download.

Featured in MEN’S FITNESS

ABC NEWS “Many fitness applications have great visuals and they’ll show you how to do the move as well as count the number of sets and repetitions. But this one is different because it challenges you to a game and dares you to get in shape.”

BODYFATE is a full-body, circuit workout that entertains and challenges you, while getting you into the best shape of your life! Stop agonizing over what exercise to do next. Let the universe decide and step up to the challenge! Can You Handle Your Fate?

BODYFATE is scientifically designed to help you:


WANT TO LOSE EXCESS BODY FAT? Evidence proves that high-intensity, circuit or interval training not only results in tremendous caloric expenditure DURING the workout period, but raises your metabolic rate AFTERWARDS as well. This process is known as EPOC – excess post-exercise oxygen consumption and is essentially passive income for your body. During EPOC your system primarily uses fat and lactic acid as fuel. Because of BODYFATE’s intense metabolic training system, you will reap the benefits of EPOC’s fat-burning aftermath! No expensive trainer required.


  • Beginner, intermediate & advanced levels
  • Challenging and fun
  • Never the same workout
  • Intense, full-body circuit training
  • Functional, multi-plane, non-machine based exercises
  • Strong emphasis on core strength and multi-joint movements
  • Moving snap shots instead of video for quick loading and less MB
  • Simple directions and easier/harder options
  • Entertaining nutritional education
  • Customized equipment settings
  • No gym required
  • Expert tips
  • Goal setting tools
  • Inspirational sayings, quotes and affirmations
  • Comedic cast of characters

BODYFATE LLC program is meant for healthy individuals with no pre-existing structural limitations or medical issues. It is highly recommended that you consult with your physician as well as a qualified fitness professional to conduct a full-body assessment/movement screen before beginning this or any new fitness program.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

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