Bloons TD 5 Strategy Game iPhone App Hits #1 on iTunes


Bloons TD 5 Strategy Game iPhone App Hits #1 on iTunes

Bloon TD 5 is one of the Best iPhone App Strategy Games in iTunes

Bloons TD 5 strategy game iOS app is the latest addition to the Tower Defense series for iPhone. The iPhone strategy game app is now more fun and fast paced than before due to a number of additions such as new monkey abilities and weapons.

As a player your goal is to use your monkeys to pop as many balloons as possible before they enter your city. You can place as many monkeys as you need on each level by dragging them to where you want them to attack the balloons. Different colored balloons will have different attributes and will require special types of skills to get rid of them.

There are over 20 maps to play in easy, medium and hard settings. Completing maps allows you to get money for upgrades, level up your monkeys, and unlock various defense towers. Playing in a higher difficulty will give you a larger reward and help increase your overall rank. Once you reach rank 32 you’ll be able to play in Apocalypse difficulty and later in Deflation difficulty at rank 42.

The monkey lab is where you can modify the attributes of your monkeys and see what abilities you can use during your games. You can change attributes such as attack speed, popping power, starting cash and starting lives. There’s also a sell option which lets you redeem any of your towers or monkeys for cash.

This game gets addictive pretty fast — once you start unlocking upgrades, new towers and ranking up you’ll want to keep on playing just so you can out do your previous achievement. There are plenty of customizable options available at each stage of the game and the fast paced action makes everything even more exciting.

Bloons TD 5 costs $2.99 from iTunes and can be downloaded for both the iPhone. This is a game you should definitely try out.

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Bloons TD 5 - Ninja Kiwi ★★★★★
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