Blo-Ball Soccer Game App for Mac OSX

Blo-Ball Mac App Soccer Game

Blo-Ball Mac App Soccer Game

Can You Score in Blo-Ball Soccer Mac OSX Game App?

Blo-Ball Soccer is a challenging soccer game for Mac OSX that involves players using straws to navigate their team members across the field to score goals. The game consists of different difficulty levels, customizable teams, and a network play features you can enable to play against other over your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.

When playing a local game against the computer you can select between a normal game, turn based game, and one touch game. In the normal game mode you play against opponents just like you would in a regular soccer games, turn based mode is a slightly more difficulty as it limits each side to hitting the ball once every turn, and in one touch mode your player becomes inactive for five seconds every time the ball is touched.

The game’s controls are unusual for a soccer game. You first have to select the player by clicking on the circles with your team colors on it then drag from the center of the circle to choose the direction and strength of your shot. The best way to describe the controls would be as a cross between a foosball and air hockey game.


From the game’s settings menu you can change elements of the display such as player shadows, display overview, the orientation of the pitch, and even anti-aliasing, which is surprising to see on such a simple game design but does make the overall image smoother when projected on larger displays.

Perhaps the best part about this app is the ability to play online with other players across different devices. The game’s cross compatibility means that you can host a game on your Mac and have other players with an iPhone or iPad play against you over a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network.

And with its challenging controls, this game will take you a while to master or even score a goal regardless of how good you think you are at playing soccer games. Whether you’re a soccer fan or just looking for a new game to add to your collection, Blo-Ball is worth giving a try. The game costs $0.99 from the app store and requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

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