Blame! – App Review

Blame! - App Review

Blame! - App Review

AppDictions App Review
If you’re someone who likes to point the finger of blame at anyone but yourself, then Blame! might be a good app for you to check out.  First, create customized lists of names that can be added manually or via your contact list.   You can create multiple lists to separate friends, family, co-workers, etc., depending on the situation at hand.  The next time something happens that calls for blame to be placed on someone, simply choose the appropriate list and press Blame!  Provide a reason for the blame (missed deadline, heavy traffic on the freeway, out of your favorite veggies in the salad bar) and give the screen a fast swipe to spin the Wheel of Blame. Where the wheel stops no  one will know!  The app will keep track of who is the most blamed in each group.  This app is extremely basic, and its true purpose is confusing.  


iTunes Description
How many times have you tried to blame someone for any reason? If the answer is “Many times!!!”, then Blame! is the App you have been looking for.

Blame! is an App that will help you find who to blame for whatever reason you can think of. To do this, you have to define groups of people and spin the “Wheel of Blame” to determine the person to be blamed for anything.

The App also stores statistics about previous Blame! results so that you can see who is the most blamed person!

The App includes:

  • Creation and edition of groups of people.
  • Creation and edition of persons in each group. They can be imported from the phone contacts.
  • Each group and person can have its own picture.
  • Pictures can be taken from the camera (only devices with camera), photo library or phone contacts.
  • The “Wheel of Blame” is spun with the finger and will select the person to be blamed for.
  • Statistics of previous executions are stored and displayed with percent values.

This is only for entertainment purposes. Use in real-world environment with caution!!!

See Blame! in action in

Enjoy and join the Blame! community.

It’s not your fault!!!
It’s others!!!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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