BizAnalyzer iPad and iPhone Loan Management App

BizAnalyzer iPhone App Streamlines Loan Application Process

BizAnalyzer iPhone App Streamlines Loan Application Process

Business Owners Can Now File Loan Applications Right on Their iPad and iPhone’s

BizAnalyzer Tool is a comprehensive loan management iPhone and iPad app created to help business owners improve their business’s financial health. This loan management app will make filing loan applications a trivial activity by providing you with a full analysis regarding your business’ eligibility for loans and a full credit assessment based on your spending.

Built to support the needs of individual business owners and corporations alike, BizAnalyzer Tool serves as a powerful platform for gaining important insight about your business’ financial position with features tailored to meet your requirements and criteria.

Your business analysis is created once you tap on the “Get Started” button on the opening screen and fill up the form that shows up on the next screen. The fill-up form is used to set up your personalized business account and gives you a list of options to specify the details your loan application.

Setting up your account requires you to enter specific information such as the type of assets your business has, the location of your business, industry type, your personal credit score, and the age of your business.

The app will create your analysis based on the values and options you select during the account creation stage so it’s important that your information is as accurate as possible in order to get an equally accurate assessment.

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Following the creation of your account, you’ll be shown a list of loan options categorized according to Unsecure loans, Real Estate, Equipment, Account Receivables, and Inventory. Your NET BizAnalyzer score, out of 100, will give you a quick idea about how suited your business is for taking out loans – the higher your score, the easier it’ll be to take out loans based on your criteria.

The app also has a risk management tool which assesses how much risk is involved for different loan types. The risk is shown as a percentage value and you can run a risk assessment based on your personal credit, debt-to-income ratio, time in business, industry risk, and cash flow.

Finding the different elements of your analysis is fairly easy task thanks to the organized user interface containing both text and graphical information. Each analysis also comes with a recommendation with informed advice about how to go about securing loans or if you should at all.

When used in conjunction with your bank statements and other business information sources, BizAnalyzer is a very effective tool for making accurate assessments. The app will help save you a lot of time, and money in the process, by streamlining your application process and giving you way to quickly visualize your credit score.

BizAnalyzer Tool is free to download and is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

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