Become the ultimate birdwatcher thanks to the resourceful app Twigle

Become the ultimate birdwatcher thanks to the resourceful app Twigle

Become the ultimate birdwatcher thanks to the resourceful app Twigle

Birds are an incredible species to take interest in. It seems like no matter where you go you’re bound to find birds to listen to and watch. With so many different types of birds and so much to learn if you’re truly interested it can be a lot to handle. Luckily the app “Twigle” is an application that will surely come save the day. Look through over 400 different types of birds, journal your favorites and even quickly discover more on your own all in this useful application. Any other way of birdwatching is well, simply for the birds.

After launch all users are brought directly into the app’s open interface. When out on the go birdwatching this can be quite useful as it won’t take long to get to what you need. The app is well designed for users to understand featuring an open menu in the center of the screen and corresponding tabs across the bottom. When ready to start using the app simply tap on the tab you’d like to peruse through and begin exploring.

From the American Crow to the Trumpeter Swan you can find it all in Twigle. Take advantage of this complete bird field guide right after launch thanks to the search tab. It’s in this section that users can type in the names of individual bird types and then check out hd pictures of them, their sounds, alongside a detailed description of their type. From their native habitats, feeding and more you can find out about it all in this extremely detailed offline library. Featuring birds from all over North America and Europe there is bound to be plenty of birds to discover and peak your interest while in the app.

Making “Twigle” such a useful app is how it goes steps further than just the expansive bird library. Users can all use “Twigle” to help them figure out which birds are around them thanks to the “Visual ID” and “Audio ID” tabs. From these two menus users can begin trying to figure out what type of a bird they’re looking at by breaking down the size, feather colors and even more thanks to answering short descriptive questions. But if the bird around you is quite talkative then the audio tab may be for you. Tap the bird on-screen to begin recording the sounds of the birds around you and shortly after the app will analyze the sound and help define exactly what type of bird it is. With all of these many features and more it’s quite easy to tell that “Twigle” is a very resourceful application for birdwatchers or fans of the species alike.

The birds are out there, learning about them is now easier than ever before. “Twigle” is available for free in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later.

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