Become a Mega Star in Pop Rocks World iPad App

Become a Mega Star in Pop Rocks World iPad App

Become a Mega Star in Pop Rocks World iPad App

Will You Be the Next Pop Star in Pop Rocks World iPad App?

Pop Rocks World is a strategy game for iPad that gives you a front row seat in the glamorous life of being a pop star. Alongside a cast of star guides including Justin Beeper, Lady Maha, and Snip Lion, players start off as wanna-be stars and have to work their way up to pop sensation by doing shows, going to press interviews, and everything else that goes along with being famous.

After installing the app you begin by choosing your star guide from the 3 available, who are coincidentally almost identical to actual real life stars except with different names and in cartoon form. Each star guide plays a major role in your career development by giving you a set of tasks to complete at different points in the game based on their own opinions about what it takes to become a superstar.


Following the guide selection screen you can create your own character by giving him or her a name and customizing their appearance. The characters are simple 2d drawings that change depending on how you change their look and can be customized later on once you unlock new items from your missions.

By selecting the different locations on the game map such as the park, record store, arena, and music school. Performing different tasks at any of the locations gives you XP points which can be used to unlock most of the game’s locked content. However each time you do a task you’ll have to replenish your energy bar by purchasing energy packs or waiting for it get filled back up again.

As you gain more XP points, you’ll be given harder tasks to complete, some of which may take a couple of hours to complete especially if you take the time to explore the variety of customization options while you play.

Pop Rocks World HD is currently only available for iPads with iOS 5.0 or later and costs $1.99 from the app store.

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