Beauty Check – App Review

Beauty Check - App Review

Beauty Check - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Are you a beauty or a beast?  Just ask Dr. Deansfield!  Using a series of mathematical calculations tested and proven by the University of Toronto, the Beauty Check app will tell you if you make the grade.  Simply take a picture of yourself, or use one from your camera roll, or even Facebook.  Once you’ve selected the picture you want to use, move the eye, mouth, ear, hairline, and chin marks to match your face and see how your features rate.  For best results, use pictures that are front-facing with both ears, eyes, and mouth visible.  But don’t stop there!  You can even have the Beauty Check app rate your friends and family and share the results via Facebook or Twitter!  Have fun comparing your friends to each other or compare them to the dozens of rated celebrities that Dr. Deansfield includes in the app!   

iTunes Description
How do your looks stack up?

Dr. Deanfield’s Beauty Check measures the mathematical beauty of a face. Rate the photos of family, friends and co-workers – and then share the results via E-Mail, Facebook and Twitter!

This is the only App capable of scientifically calculating the beauty of a human face. Important factors for determining facial attractiveness include the distance between the eyes, mouth, hair line, chin and ears according to a complex psychological study carried out by the University of Toronto.

Check out the trailer to see the app in action:

  • Use the built-in camera, load photos from your Camera Roll or even Facebook
  • Publish the results via Facebook, Twitter or E-Mail
  • Compare your results with those of celebrities!
  • Easy to use – just install and go!
  • Hybrid App with an integrated, high-resolution version for iPad and retina display!

Note: The angle of a photo as well as accurate placement of measurement points are decisive factors in the result. Only frontal photos with ears and forehead showing can deliver accurate results.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later

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