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If there is one other certainty in life aside from death and taxes, it would be stress. Every single person feels stressed at one time or another. There are absolutely no exceptions, no one exempt from the occasional bout of pull-out-your-hair anxiety. Often, we’d ride out this bout for days or even weeks, without any idea how to get rid of the stress.

So what’s more perfect than an application that you can carry in your pocket that would help you fight the stress anytime, anywhere? California software development studio Ki Systems came up with Stress Shifter Pro to help each iDevice user remain as stress-free as possible—at work, at school and at home.

The application is actually the platform for a stress-relieving program that helps people deal with stress on their own. There are three simple steps—easy, quick and effective. The first step is a brief questionnaire that leads to the identification of your stress triggers. The second step provides suggestions for you to prevent these triggers, and the third step illustrates a twelve-exercise program that will erase your stress. It helps shift your reaction from stress to more productive zones.

If it sounds easy, that’s because it is. Each step in the app is straight-forward, but supported with information. At the very least, you’ll gain knowledge about yourself in the process—about your brain, emotions and responses. There are even graphs to help you better understand the concepts.

The interface of Stress Shifter Pro is incredibly simple, with a pleasant color scheme that is calming and fuss-free. Shift from a cluttered, stressed mind-set to a composed and productive one. Now you can ward of the stress with Stress Shifter Pro at the App Store. It’s only $2.99, and compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

iTunes Description
Do you ever wonder what may be contributing to feeling stressed? Here is a powerful app to figure out what makes you stressed and get on a program to become stress free. Download Stress Shifter Pro, a proven stress reduction system to tone down your frustrations and inner angst, and start being the happiest most productive you today!

Become More Calm, Creative, and Productive with Stress Shifter Pro

Stress Shifter Pro works with the capacity of human cognition to give users an effective 3 step approach to better understand their stressful reactions, inner turmoil, inactivity, and frustration throughout their day and provides tools and exercises to make them more calm, productive, and creative!

How Stress Shifter works:

Step 1: Identify your stress triggers

– The first part offers a simple question process and test to help you pinpoint the specific actions and attitudes that trigger your stressful reactions. This will give you a foundation to understand the root causes and emotional triggers behind your stress and take the first step towards managing them.

Step 2: Learn how shifting your thinking can prevent stress triggers

– Stress Shifter’s second step is geared to help you conceptualize cognitive shifts you can make to move away from your stress responses. The app gives you access to a unique personalized graphic chart that illustrates your test results to make it easy to understand a specific shift you can make to prevent stress from getting triggered.

Step 3: Follow Stress Shifter’s proven 12 exercise program to erase your stress!

– The crown jewel of this Stress Shift system provides you with an easy to follow twelve exercise program that is specifically tailored to help shift your unique stressors identified by the app’s first two steps to becoming stress free and creating more of what you want.
Take charge of your stress, chill out, and be the most zen you can be with Stress Shifter Pro right now!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.1 or later

iPhone App:
Stress Shifter Pro - Ki Systems, Inc.

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