Bato Tibetan iPad App Board Game Hits iTunes


Bato Tibetan iPad App Board Game Hits iTunes

Bato Tibetan a Fun New iPad Board Game App 

Board game apps have been the cornerstone of mobile games for as long as mobile devices have been around. They’re good time busters and some can even help improve your cognitive abilities to a certain extent. Indeed there is a lot to like about board games apps and we can expect them to be around for some time to come.

Bato is a new Tibetan board game app for iPad that adds a spin to the traditional board game dogma. The app incorporates normal board game elements with a story line that puts in the front seat of an ancient tale of mystery and the supernatural. This game contains over 70 levels that get harder as you move on with a bonus level at the end where you discover the location of the hidden treasure.

To beat a level you have to knock the same-colored stones together until your clear the board. There are many kinds of stones you’ll have to match and different obstacles to take into account when trying to knock the stones together.

The game controls are made to react in the same way as if you were flinging stones on an actual board. You have to flick across your screen in the direction you want the stone to travel in and the stone will travel across depending on how fast you gesture across the board. You can also unlock achievements by performing various move combos to increase your score on Game Center.

Bato: Tibetan board game is free to download on your iPad from the iTunes app store and is a good game to help pass the time when you’re bored.

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