Badayer Racing is the Most Exciting Off-Road Rush for iPhone and iPad

Badayer Racing is the Most Exciting Off-Road Rush for iPhone and iPad

Badayer Racing is the Most Exciting Off-Road Rush for iPhone and iPad

Badayer Racing a Fast Paced Off-Road iPad and iPhone Racing Game

Badayer Racing is an off-road racing game for iPhone and iPad set in the deserts of the UAE. Featuring four racing modes and medals for each competition, Badayer Racing is a fast paced game that puts you in the front seat of a grueling racing campaign against challenging opponents and your friends.

Once the app has been installed you’ll be able to access the race mode, garage, settings, and your profile. You can create up to three separate profile on the app, all of which will keep track of your progress and earnings during the campaign. Each of your profiles also displays stats such as your game progress, events won, number of crashes etc.

In the settings menu you can change the control options, adjust the audio, and select your language.  The default control settings require you to tilt your device to steer but this can be changed to an on screen steering wheel, joystick, or keyboard layout depending on your preferences.  You can also enable the auto accelerate feature to reduce the gaming difficulty.


To view the cars you currently have unlocked in your profile you can tap on the garage option in the main menu. After being unlocked, cars can be upgraded for better performance – everything from the exhaust and lights to the tires and license plate can be changed. Not only does this make for a highly customizable gaming experience but also makes it easier for you win more races and unlock new prizes.

When you’re ready to race, you simply have to tap on the race option in the main menu and select between the career, quick race, multi-player, and racing academy. The career mode is where you can participate in championships against other opponents to unlock cars, quick race mode allows you to race without the need to complete any objectives, multiplayer allows you to play online with your friends, and the racing academy gives you a crash course on how to handle your car during a race.

Whether you’re a racing enthusiast or casual gamer, Badayer Racing is a game that will keep you occupied for quite some time. The app requires iOS 5.0 or later and can be downloaded for free in the iTunes app store.

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