Aztec Myths – App Review

Aztec Myths - App Review

Aztec Myths - App Review

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I, for one, have always found the history of Aztecs to be intriguing. If you have any interest in Aztec history then we strongly recommend the Aztec Myths app. Coming packed full of information, it’s a fantastic way to scrub up on knowledge of this incredible history while looking at pictures and getting lost in stories of ancient times. It’s brilliant to use at home, but even better if you’re on a long train ride and need to pass the time.

As soon as you start this app, you are welcomed by a splendid splash screen which (like everything else) has been designed especially for the high-resolution retina display on the iPhone 4. The interface is made to look great with Aztec style patterns and the stone textures in the background really does look like you could just reach out and feel them. All of the content is sorted into categories such as Legends – where you can read stories, Places – a section you can view descriptions of historical landmarks and even look at photos, videos and 3D renders of what the place used to look like when it was new. There is also a Glossary where you can look up definitions of words and names, a Map section – to get an idea of the locations of all these landmarks and view them as satellite images.

At it’s low price, Aztec Myths is an absolutely fantastic app and as I said before; even if you have just a small interest in Aztec history, you should still consider getting this app. There are occasional translation error which are found in the stories, but they are really nothing to worry about. A great app at a great price and highly recommended!


iTunes Description
Aztec Myths is the App that let you know about the Aztec World, you can discover the most famous legends and places of this ancient culture.
Use the map to localize all those places, also admire Pictures and Videos of this civilization.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.

Aztec Myths - Andrea Bianchi

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