Attain – App Review

Attain - App Review

Attain - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Everyday, we find additional ways to integrate the iPad into our daily lives – both in business and leisure.  Attain is one of the apps that help you use your iPad for increased productivity and organization.  With Attain, your most common business tools are always at your fingertips.  The home screen gives you a convenient snapshot of your day – including monthly calendar, an agenda, open tasks, and project timelines.  You can easily add contacts, agenda items, and send email from the home screen too.  The tasks tab lets you create your own “To Do” lists.  Attain gives you the ability to create and maintain multiple task lists so you can separate work from personal and anything else!  The notes tab is similar – create and maintain multiple different note pages for each meeting or conference call.  The final tab, projects, lets you track all the details of open projects including: project scope, project deliverables, milestones/tasks, and notes.  Attain even includes a feature that lets you browse the web from each tab.  Get the only app you need to get you through your day – Attain!


iTunes Description
Manage your busy life with Attain for iPad to achieve your goals. Attain is an integrated productivity application designed to manage Tasks, Projects & Notes, all in one application. If you have been frustrated by having to use multiple applications to organize your tasks, manage your projects and record all your notes, Attain is your solution.

How can Attain help your productivity improve?

First, keep all your information in one place! This is the core of Attain, don’t waste time jumping from one app to another to access and manage your information.

Use the Home screen to see all your pending items for a selected day at once, appointments from your iPads Calendar, Tasks and Project Milestones due from Attain’s modules.

Add a new appointment to your iPad’s Calendar, create a new contact to the iPad’s Contacts or do a quick search for a Contact’s phone number without leaving Attain.

Manage your Tasks in multiple Task lists, add as many tasks and sub-tasks as needed. Add the due date and detail the task with a task note. Rearrange your task list and hide all completed tasks to focus on your pending items. Share a task list via email with one tap.

Create as many notebooks as desired to record your notes. Add as many pages to a notebook as needed. Type or draw your ideas. Share a page via email with your friends or coworkers.

Handle all your projects with ease, keep the project’s goal and scope right at the top to focus on delivering results. Break the project in manageable milestones and sub-milestones. Keep all project notes together within the project.

Have to perform a quick web search? Just tap the Search window and instantly get the results within Attain. Browse for the information needed and come right back to your previous Attain section. You can copy and paste any information back to your Attain notes.

Attain features:

  • Home Screen with pending appointments, tasks and project milestones.
  • Outline format Task organization with multiple sub-levels and multiple task lists.
  • Projects Goals and objectives, milestone tracking and notes.
  • Notebook style functionality with multiple notebooks and pages with typing or drawing styles.
  • iPad’s Calendar and Contacts interaction for quick and easy access to information.
  • Internet search and navigation within Attain.

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

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