ArteSingular Converts Pictures Into Words

ArteSingular Converts Pictures Into Words

ArteSingular Converts Pictures Into Words

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ArteSingular Pro is a nifty photo app which combines images and text into an electronic work of art. Become an original artist in three easy steps. Once the app has loaded you begin by choosing an image to work with. You can select a photo from your camera roll or click the icon to switch over to the camera and snap a picture.

The next choice we have to make is the font selection. Choose from several dozen fonts and type sizes – my personal favorite is Metal Lord – and we’re almost set. Next tap the ArteSingular Pro labeled ticket to see the finished product rendered on the screen (see above image for example.) You can add some finishing touches by adding an optional color background then save and send it off to a friend, or print.

A couple of tips: smaller font sizes seem to work best and not detract too much from the main image, and a darker background color will give you nice contrast. I could not find a way to deselect or cancel a background color once selected. This is a minor issue we would like to see updated in future releases.  Artesingular Pro is an original and artistic app perfect for creating electronic masterpieces. Be sure to check out their website for additional image effects.


iTunes Description
Want to make an original gift to someone special but do not know what?
Need to tell that person what you feel and not worth a simple e-mail?
These and many other questions can be resolved with a single click.

With ArteSingular you can convert a picture in words.
You only have to choose a picture, type or paste a text and will result in a totally artistic combination.

You can combine the image of your favorite singer with the lyrics of their songs, the shield of your team with his anthem, create wedding invitations or the most original birthday cards you’ve ever seen and every combination you can think of.

You can choose the type and font size that best fits your text and image, and also choose the background color. Then, save the final result, print it or send it to whoever you want.

ArteSingular puts the tools, you put creativity.

Languages of the user interface:
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Spanish.


You have more effects and print formats at:

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

iPhone App:
ArteSingular PRO -

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