AroundCal – from Event to Task – App Review

AroundCal - App Review

AroundCal - App Review

AppDictions Review:
AroundCal App works hand and hand with your iPhone Calendar App to keep everything synced! For any of you out there that need organization in there life this app is definitely for you. The interface of this app is very well put together, organized, and easy to use. The use of icons for birthday’s is very helpful! We would definitely like to see more icons in future releases to provide other quick reminders. Overall this app is very useful and has some great features that are not available in the iPhone Calendar App.


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iTunes Description:
*** The Allrounder under the calendars ***

Expand your iPhone or iPod Touch calendar events with tag, photo, list, priority, progress status, project or voice memo. AroundCal is automatically in sync with the iPhone Calendar App.


  • Calendar which is in sync with your iPhone Calendar App (and with MobileMe and other sync programs who sync the iPhone calendar)
  • Birthday icons in the calendar
  • Birthday memos
  • Cut/Copy & Paste tasks or events
  • Shrink calendar to selected week
  • Show calendar week
  • Someday Projects and Tasks
  • Switch on or off different calendars
  • Original iPhone Event User Interface embedded
  • Birthday persons address book User Interface

Task attributes:

  • Tag with addressbook link for phone, mail, sms, visit, web
  • Priority
  • User definable List
  • Project
  • Speech memo
  • Progress Status: In Progress, Completed, ..

Some use cases:

  • Write a Shopping List using the task´s “list” field
  • Customer list: Use projects with project name = customer name
  • Working with Roles: Use projects with project name = role name


AroundCal will be updated from time to time. Please provide feedback by


Proposals and suggestions are welcome!

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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