Applause Karaoke – App Review

Applause Karaoke - App Review

Applause Karaoke - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Have you ever wanted to sing along while playing music on iPod Touch or iPhone.  Well now with Applause Karaoke you can!  Applause Karaoke is very easy to use.  Simply follow the instructions to initialize lyrics on your device and create Karaoke Playlists within the application.

There are few different ways you can use Applause Karaoke.  First you can use your iPhone headphone and hear yourself singing with the music.  Second you can plug your iPhone into your stereo using a cable or docking station.  You device is then transformed into a microphone and your family and friends can hold their ears while you sing alone to your favorite music. Mine did!!


iTunes Description
Applause Karaoke

Rock out to your iTunes library using your iPhone as a microphone. Sing along to any tune on your iPhone or iTouch.

Use your iPhone headphones and sing listening to your voice mixed with music. Plug your iPhone into your stereo using a cable or docking station. Hold the iPhone like a microphone and sing. Connect your device to iPhone enabled car stereo and let your passengers sing along listening to their voice through the speakers.

Important Notes:

  • Create a Karaoke Playlist of your favorite songs and add the playlist to app upon launch.
  • Lyrics have to be initialized before they will appear. See instructions for details.
  • iPhone 4 Users: Initialize your song lyrics before you add the song into Applause Karaoke. Otherwise, delete it from Applause Karaoke playlist and re-add it.

Note: This application does not include or provide copyrighted materials, specifically lyrics, nor does it host or supply any lyrics or other copyrighted materials.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

Applause Karaoke - Rock Out to Your iTunes Library - MEA Mobile
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