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  • Get drawn into this hilarious fun-filled shooter app Stick and Chick
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    Get drawn into this hilarious fun-filled shooter app Stick and Chick

    Most games in the App Store nowadays tend be quite reserved, residing in the comfort of the norm, “Stick and Chick” doesn’t. Get ready for the time of your life in this adventure full of blood, stick figures and beatboxing. What could be better than saving your chick to the music of a good hip-hop beat box and fighting your way to her rescue. It’s a zany idea that will quickly find it’s way onto your device as most addicting game.

    After launch users are greeted by a brief introduction to the story. Accompanied by good music and nice animations all players are quickly able to understand what’s going on before they’re brought to the main menu. From here users can easily get started playing the game, check out score leaderboards and even more.

    It’s a classic love story turned horribly wrong. Stick is a stick figure with an edge and gang affiliation accompanied by his girl Chick, the most beautiful stick figure of them all. Trouble comes into play when Thick, Chick’s thug of a brother from the rival gang kidnaps Chick away from Stick. You’ve gotta do everything you can to save Chick before it’s too late. Luckily playing is quite easy, players can track Stick’s progress by the meter across the bottom of the screen. As the screen scrolls Thick’s gang enters the screen, by tapping all of the enemies Stick shoots and puts an end to their lives. But all players must be cautious of their own lives as it can be hard in these streets for Stick as well, keep track of Stick’s health by the meter on the upper left hand corner. Get shot too many times and well it’s gameover, Chick is doomed.

    It’s fresh and it’s an original concept, that’s what makes “Stick and Chick” such a great application. While it’s story seems outrageous, it’s hilarious and makes the game that much more enjoyable. Players are even able to play through 10 action-packed levels full of non-stop violence, thugs, ninja, grenades and even helicopters to take down. With beatboxing as your sound track do you think you can handle the life of the stick figured streets and save your chick? There’s only one way to find out.

    “Stick and Chick” is available for free in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later.

  • It’s a competition, take your game to the next level in the app Solitaire Arena
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    It’s a competition, take your game to the next level in the app Solitaire Arena

    Card games of all sort have been played across the world for quite some time. Known for being a casual way of good entertainment, solitaire specifically has had fans both relaxing with the game and also partaking in some pretty competitive battles. While games everywhere are finding their way onto the mobile and electronic platform, the game “Solitaire Arena” will transform the way you play for the better. Play live online with friends, enter tournaments and do so much more in the game made for solitaire enthusiasts of all types.

    After launch players are quickly able to get started thanks to native Facebook integration support. Just like that users can get started playing classic solitaire live against another player in real time. With classic gameplay both you and your opponent have the same shuffle, meaning your cards are the same and in the same order, making the competition fair no matter how far away from the opponent you are.

    With classic games like Solitaire it’s awesome to see classic rules apply but see the game become so much better thanks to the “Solitaire Arena” platform. While it may have often been difficult to find opponents to sit down and play with it’s nearly instant to find a competitor in “Solitaire Arena”. Basic rules apply to each game, the goal is to move your cards to their top corresponding areas and in order to access more cards you must move what is shown in descending order amongst the others, with colors switching. But while the game makes setting up an online match of solitaire easy it also makes the game itself quite simple as well. All players while in their matches get to see their opponents “foundation” of cards live while playing too. With over 4 million active players online there is plenty of fun waiting for you immediately after launch. Do you think you can take on the competition?

    The first card game of solitaire played in real time online lives in “Solitaire Arena”, don’t miss out on the fun. With compatibility over iOS or Android players can play with their friends no matter what platform they have thanks to the ability to also play the full game on Facebook as well.

    “Solitaire Arena” is available for free in the App and Google Play Stores for all iOS and Android devices running various software versions.

  • Strain your brain in the ultimate test app Achieve – Brain Training
    Achieve Brain Training App Demo 590 Game App Demos

    Strain your brain in the ultimate test app Achieve – Brain Training

    It’s been quite some time since the world has seen anybody with a brain like Albert Einstein. Nowadays we hear success stories of the intelligent on the news, the radio and even more but they all still leave a quaking question; who’s the smartest person you know? Whether you’re SAT score was high or you don’t feel like the smartest in your bunch the app “Achieve – Brain Training” can quickly change that. Have fun and train your brain to be the become the best it can be with tons of fun mini-games jam packed into an awesome application.

    After launch users are brought to a menu where they can access all of the features the application has to offer. It’s from this page that players can keep track of their achievements, access different games and do much more. Accompanied by relaxing music and featuring a well organized layout everything is easily accessible and presentable for any user to enjoy after download.

    While brain training games in the App Store can be found left and right none of them seem to truly focus on the betterment of your brain. “Achieve – Brain Training” focuses on specific areas to awaken your brain and become more alert with topics like attention, visual perception, language skills and much more. With six mini-games available players can practice their brains in each of these areas and ultimately help your brain stay fresh and quick. Right out of the gate players can play the “Stroop Test” and other games can be unlocked the further you play. Setting the tone for the style of gameplay for the other mini games in the app, the stroop test challenges players to eliminate the confusion between names of colors on different colored bubbles. While it may sound simple at first it’s quite challenging and can really give your brain a good workout. Find which math equation is bigger in modes like “Bigger or Smaller”, test your vocabulary in the “spell test” and do so much more in this app full of thought provoking challenges.

    Though brain training games don’t directly increase your IQ “Achieve – Brain Training” can help your brain feel fresh and alert for what life throws at you next. With the ability to share your high-scores on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, track your skills thanks to level based achievements and more this application quickly becomes a must have for your device.

    “Achieve – Brain Training” is available for free in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 4.3 or later.

  • The Incredible Tiles 2048 iOS App Demo
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    The Incredible Tiles 2048 iOS App Demo

    From angry birds to flappy birds and more the App Store is popular for having popular game series that are all the rage one day, and gone the next. While developers find ways to make their games popular enough one minute they fail to have that competitive edge to hold its position. The new app “The Incredible Tiles 2048” is a new addition to the app store excelling the classic 2048 gameplay to new levels. Teleport, avoid bricks and do even more crazy things while playing the board game you know and love all in one great application, it’s a whole new kind of fun.

    After launch all users are brought to a menu where they can find options the game has to offer. Thanks to its nice design and cool sounds right after launch players are able to feel quite comfortable. With playable game modes displayed on the left side of the screen, getting started with a game is quite easy. When you’re ready to begin playing simply toggle to your desired game mode and tap it to begin.

    The classic 2048 gameplay was challenging, yet simple. While it quickly got everybody talking, it seemed like just as quickly they weren’t. “The Incredible Tiles 2048” adds the missing pieces needed to keep the fun of 2048 going on game after game after game. There are three available modes for players to pick from; arcade, classic 4×4 and classic 5×5. Each game mode leans on the same style and rules of the classic gameplay we know and love. Players must simply swipe the fingers across the board to put together like numbered tiles making them add up into higher numbered ones. Each level has a passing score for players to aim for, by meeting that passing score with fewer swiped moves earns players stars. While it’s already challenging not to fill up the board from a game over screen, earning three stars on each level can prove to be quite the challenge, can you handle it?

    In addition to it’s normal gameplay “The Incredible Tiles 2048” also features tons of zany new additions all helping to make it the great application it is. With a daily event and 30 challenging levels to play through the further you get the more challenges arise. Use tile springs, enlargers and keep your tiles out of the way from bricks. Each of these things and more help add a fun new element to the game that once before wasn’t possible. Use boosts to double tiles, erase tiles, and even clear the playing field. There’s plenty of new additions making this app one that you’ll want to keep playing on your device for quite some time.

    “The Incredible Tiles 2048” is available for free in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 4.3 or later.

  • Steal the words and steal your spot on the charts in WordHeist
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    Word Heist App Demo

    While there’s tons of word games on the app store you’re sure to become board with the same monotonous tile based gameplay. Though many app developers seem to always borrow the same game styles, the new app “WordHeist” revolutionizes the word game genre. Create as many words as possible with the letters given in the allotted time but be careful because your opponents will try to steal your words for more points. It’s a race against the clock and your opponents in this fast-paced competitive adventure.

    After launch users are greeted by a menu that is both welcoming and easy to get novice or advanced word game players ready to start. “WordHeist” offers three fun based game modes for all players to challenge themselves with and enjoy; live, turn-based and practice. Keep track of your skill rank, longest word and latest achievements and games on the bottom of the screen. Make sure your friends are ready for an intense competition because from here the fun is only a tap away.

    “WordHeist” brings a new sort of fun to the word game genre each round begins with players having a certain amount of time to create words from the word given. In each game players go head to head against three other players. While each player tries to earn the most amount of points from their board players will find that the true trick comes into play when players can steal words that other players have used. Each word is worth more points the longer it is. It’s addicting, it’s creative, and most importantly it’s a refreshing time of fun.

    Become a word thief and show your friends that you’re the best of the best. Following each game players are shown their rank against their best friends, foes and the rest of the world. Pay close attention to your rank and play, play, play and you may become the best word thief in the whole entire world.

    Available in the App Store “WordHeist” is available for free for all iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later.

  • Outsmart your friends and show off your trivia skills in Trivia Crack
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    Outsmart your friends and show off your trivia skills in Trivia Crack

    With so much in the world there is surely plenty to learn with the coming of each day. Luckily you can put your knowledge to the ultimate test and settle the feud amongst your friends thanks to the new app taking the world by storm. “Trivia Crack” is a head-to-head trivia game that has players answering trivia from six fun categories. But while other games may only you to know a little about one topic in order to win in “Trivia Crack” you’ve gotta obtain all six categories. Do you think you and your brain are ready to take on the competition, looks like it’s time to find out.

    After launch users are greeted by an easy way to create their own profiles for the app. Thanks to Facebook settings or by simply inputting your email you can get started in no time. Once you’ve created your profile you’re good to go and are then brought to the games open menu. Across the top of the screen users will find a tab to open many of the app’s many features, while the right hand corner you can find your Facebook friends. In the center of the screen is where you can find how many lives, spins and coins you have. When you’re ready to get the game going all you need to do is tap to start a new game.

    “Trivia Crack” takes mobile trivia games to a whole new level bringing tons more fun than ever before. Once players tap to start a game they can pick between two game modes; classic and challenge. After selecting to either play with a specific friend or a random user the trivia begins. Each game starts by players either tapping or swiping to spin the wheel and select their category for the first round. With science, entertainment, art, geography, sports and history fair game for trivia topics “Trivia Crack” packs tons of fun questions to play through, always leaving a challenge for even the most skilled player. Once your topic is selected players must choose if they’d like to answer a question to win a character from the selected topic or challenge an opponent to steal one of his/her characters. Answer your question and then wait for the opponent to answer back to see the results, “Trivia Crack” makes trivia a fun turn-by-turn sensation.

    Other trivia games in the App Store seem to be one-sided and don’t take the full potential of the mobile platform but “Trivia Crack” performs where other apps don’t. Share your achievements, use strategy to beat your friends, and even chat live with your opponents. It’s a social, fun, trivia-filled experience. Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and more get playing in tons of different languages with even more added normally.

    Available in the App Store for free, “Trivia Crack” is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later.

  • All it takes is a little magic to win in the addicting game Morble
    Morble app demo 590 Game App Demos

    Morble app demo

    Magic has always been a supernatural thing fantasized in movies, books and more. With wizards, witches and more encompassing its powers not many “normal” people have had their try at it… until now. The new game “Morble” is an entertaining puzzler where players must hone their magic skills to find their way to the top of the high score charts. Create stars of all kinds and more in this magical new game.

    After launch users are brought to a menu where they can find all available options the app has to offer. “Morble” has two different game modes for players to try out and enjoy; Classic for those who would prefer to work without time, and Time Warp for those who do. When players are ready to begin their games all they must do is tap the mode they’d like to play to begin.

    It’s not uncommon to find puzzle games in the app store where the objective is to combine like colored objects. “Morble” is a new game that takes this already familiar concept of gameplay and adds it’s own twist to make it even more fun. At the start of each game a board of orbs is shown. All players must do is create chains of multiple orbs of the same color but the bigger the combinations the bigger the results. By creating certain numbered chains players will create magic stars, supernovas and more that help build their magic meters. Fill up your magic meter so much and you’ll create a show of stars like none other as they begin raining down your screen. Keep an eye on your moves and create magic to beat all of your friends’ high scores.

    Making “Morble” such a great application is it’s original take on an already known concept. By adding magic into “Morble” it gives players of all ages a game that they feel used to playing after download but fresh enough to keep playing for hours on end. If you’re really feeling good players can even take their skills online to play push and play games with their friends head-to-head or by random challenges. There’s plenty of fun to be had and magic to be created, don’t waste any more time, join the party!

    Get playing and start having fun today! “Morble” is available for $1.99 in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later.

  • New iOS App Fruit Hoops Keeps You Coming Back for More
    Fruit Hoops App Demo 590 Game App Demos

    New iOS App Fruit Hoops Keeps You Coming Back for More

    Not many people growing up are nagged to eat their fruit, maybe their vegetables. With pineapples, grapes and so many other delicious fruits you just naturally want to catch them all and eat them, right? Well in the new app “Fruit Hoops” that’s exactly what you’ve gotta do as it starts raining fruit from the sky. Move the hoop across the screen and don’t miss a single piece of fruity goodness in this addicting fast-paced game.

    After launch all users are brought to the main menu well designed and accompanied by exciting sounds. It’s from here that users are able to access all parts of the app. Check out the fruit mart to buy power ups and more, toggle app settings, and even join “Fruit Hoops” on your favorite social networks. When ready to play just hit the button on the center of the screen to get started.

    Why let good fruit go to waste, catch it. Get started with “Fruit Hoops” and make sure to save every piece by catch it through your hoop. But don’t worry while a lot of apps can be simple in gameplay but difficult in controls, “Fruit Hoops” is simple enough for anyone to pickup and enjoy. Players can move the on-screen hoop across the screen by simply dragging their finger. The further you get into the level the faster the fruit will fall so make sure you’re on your toes and are ready to get moving! Players have three lives to play with, each piece of fruit missed eliminates a life. Do you think you can get the highest score of all your friends, well it’s time to find out!

    Making “Fruit Hoops” such a great app is not only it’s compatibility with players of all ages but also it’s many play types. Players can play through classic, arcade and even endless mode as they switch things up in the gameplay. The more you play the better you’ll get and the more you’ll be able to unlock from the Fruit Mart. Upgrade your hoops, access power ups to increase your score, there’s plenty of options to keep the good times rolling.

    Join the fruit frenzy and see how high you can score. “Fruit Hoops” is available for free in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later.

  • Are you the ultimate dolphin lover? Find out now
    Dophin Trivia App Demo 590 Game App Demos

    Are you the ultimate dolphin lover? Find out now

    It’s common for people to have a favorite animal but not so common for them to actually know a lot about them. If you’re sure you know about dolphins or just want to put yourself to the test to learn more, the app “The Dolphin Trivia Game” can help you get it done. Go through tons of questions at different difficulties as you play this informative dolphin game.

    After launch users are greeted by the main menu where options are given to play, check out Game Center scores and even find help. With a minimalist design and clean graphics users can quickly feel comfortable in the app from the start. When ready all players have to do is hit play to begin.

    Dolphins are some of the most loved sea animals in the world. With “The Dolphin Trivia Game” you can start to learn more about the aquatic species. After selecting to play players can choose from either a easy, medium or even a hard difficulty level. Once you’ve selected your difficulty the trivia begins and so does the fun. Users have 30 seconds to answer each question about dolphins. Questions are formatted in a multiple choice format or even the classic true or false. Each correct question adds to your score and each question answered incorrectly strikes one of your lives. Players have three lives within each game before game over.

    While many of the basic facts about dolphins can be considered common knowledge to the biggest of dolphin lovers, “The Dolphin Trivia Game” takes the challenge to the next level. Do you know how many teeth dolphins have or how about what is most prominent on an Atlantic dolphin? Well if you know or don’t know, there’s only one way to prove it. Start playing “The Dolphin Trivia Game” today!

    “The Dolphin Trivia Game” is available for 99 cents in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later.

  • Turn the gridiron into a limitless runway in Endless Blitz
    Endless Blitz App Demo 590 Game App Demos

    Turn the gridiron into a limitless runway in Endless Blitz

    There’s nothing like spending an afternoon in front of the television when it’s the football season. With game after game to watch and competition in full swing entertainment runs high just about until every commercial and halftime break. Don’t sit around bored anymore no matter what situation you’re in the new app “Endless Blitz” can feed your football addiction when nothing else can. Swipe, tap or tilt your way past the defense scoring your way to the top in this addicting new game.

    After launch users are greeted by the main menu where they can access all parts of the game. It’s here that users can tap to play, see more options and even access the app’s linked social network pages. With very well designed graphics accompanying the entry point of the app, all players will receive a great first impression after launch. When ready to begin all players must do is tap play to get the fun started.

    While the App Store is currently full of developers publishing their endless-runners left and right, not many of them bring a sense of originality to the table. The new app “Endless Blitz” hits the App Store at the perfect time with a football theme just as the season gets going. After tapping play users can pick their desired levels and configure their control styles. There are three themed levels to pick from including a mini game. With three different control schemes to pick from ranging from tapping, swiping and tilting, “Endless Blitz” becomes an app that is comfortable and enjoyable for any type of gamer.

    The objective of the gameplay is simple, a football player is running it’s way up the screen and you must do your job in helping him or her avoid all incoming obstacles. Put your football skills to the test and strap your helmet tightly because you’re going to have to jump and juke your way for as long as possible. The fun of the game is that you have to see exactly how long you last without getting hit by an enemy; get hit even just once and it’s game over. With coins to collect, power-ups to help you boost your score and even a variety of different characters to play with there’s plenty of room for fun in “Endless Blitz”.

    The gridiron is yours to conquer in “Endless Blitz” start playing to become the best today. “Endless Blitz” is available for free in the app Store for all iOS devices running iOS 4.3 or later.

  • Take a trip through an epic battle in the app Enemy Dawn
    Enemy Dawn App Demo 590 Game App Demos

    Take a trip through an epic battle in the app Enemy Dawn

    Growing up we’re taught about all of the epic battles our forefathers took part in but sometime we just wish we could’ve been there to experience them ourselves. With guns blazing and the patriotic feeling of fighting for your country on your side, it all just feels like something you wish you could’ve been a part of. Luckily the app “Enemy Dawn” is a cool new arcade game that combines a twist of history with huge amounts of fun.

    After launch users are instantly immersed into the story behind the game as an introductory video starts playing. While users have the choice to skip the video if they’d like they’ll also find the animated film entertaining as well. After finishing the video users are brought to the main menu where they can easily access all parts of the app. From settings, to seeing how to play, to playing the game itself, corresponding buttons are made clearly making the app accessible for players of all ages.

    The Nazis are invading just like the historic stories you’ve heard about time and time again. Instead of listening to the history again how about play through it yourself with the app “Enemy Dawn”. The objective of the game is simple, clear waves of incoming Nazi enemies by shooting them down or destroying their tanks. Luckily while this can seem like a heavy task simple controls make the situation all the more viable to conquer. By tilting your device players can move their truck left and right across the screen. Towards the top of the screen users can track the health meters and hopefully maneuver long enough to avoid incoming missiles. But don’t forget to shoot back yourself to progress through the level you’ll need to take out the Nazis yourself to progress to the next level. By tapping the screen and dragging you can aim your turret and by tapping after you can shoot. It’s intense and it’s definitely action packed, do you think you can handle it all?

    “Enemy Dawn” brings an authentic war experience straight to your favorite mobile device. With up to 5 different levels to play through and unlock, each level even contains historic landmarks and more. You get to command the battle, you get to take out the enemy, every strike, every aircraft you take out is a task for you to accomplish and enjoy.

    Prevent the global world order and do your part to save the day. “Enemy Dawn” is available in the App Store for 99 cents for all iOS devices running 5.0 or later.

  • Teach your kids the values of cleaning up with the app Fantasy Tidy Up
    Fantasy Tidy Up App Demo 590 Game App Demos

    Teach your kids the values of cleaning up with the app Fantasy Tidy Up

    Fantasy stories have been known to teach valuable lessons within their adventures. Though many children’s stories seem to speak of the same things, many fail to teach the things your children really need to know. The new app “Fantasy Tidy Up” is an application that combines what’s great about storytelling in an enjoyable interactive experience with the importance of cleaning up after yourself.

    After launch users are able to quickly get started with the fun. The app features a design fitting for the story tale premise and puts visual emphasis on the very well designed cartoons and graphics. With no ads in the inside of the app there are no distractions from what’s most important when using the app with your little one. When ready to begin just tap to get started.

    “Fantasy Tidy Up” is a unique application that’s perfect for kids in their developing ages. It’s important to instill good qualities like cleaning after yourself but it can be hard to teach and enforce them alone. After downloading users can quickly teach their young ones this important lesson with every tap made in the app. The way the game works is there are fantasy themed rooms filled with fun characters and items. While each room is messy it’s your child’s job to help them clean it up. It’s their job to help move the objects on the screen to the right places. Luckily if an object is placed at the right spot it speaks and if not placed correctly a hint is given to help move it to the right spot. All in all “Fantasy Tidy Up” features simple gameplay that is easy for any parent to pick up and enjoy with their child and yet fun enough to hold any child’s attention. A great lesson that comes with great fun, a killer combination!

    From kings to dwarfs, goblins and more enjoy the ultimate fantasy experience and have fun with your child as you clean, clean, clean! There’s over 50 different objects to play with and tons of rooms to help clean so once the fun gets going it doesn’t have to end any time soon. Users can even unlock more to play with just by making quick and simple in-app purchases as well. Solve puzzles, clean rooms and most importantly have fun in this fun-filled application.

    Available in the App Store for absolutely free, “Fantasy Tidy Up” is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 5.1.1 o

  • Play to survive in the new addicting arcade game Bomb Squadz
    Bomb Squadz App Demo 590 Game App Demos

    Play to survive in the new addicting arcade game Bomb Squadz

    Freddy has found himself in quite the predicament, he’s trapped himself around tons of bombs and it’s only a matter of seconds before they’re gonna blow! Use your fingers to rotate gears and bounce bombs into other bombs to keep Freddy alive and advance your score in the app “Bomb Squadz”. Join the squad and become the best of the best as you diffuse bombs and improve your skills.

    After launch users are brought to the main menu where they can access every feature in the app. It’s here that users can start a game, check out the score leaderboards and even see exactly how to play the game. The app features nice graphics and animations that quickly get you into the high intensity of the gameplay and it all comes together to make you excited to go ahead and get started. When ready just tap to start a game to get the fun times rolling.

    “Bomb Squadz” is an app familiar to other ball and brick games players have probably played before but it’s even better as it brings an original addition of 360 mechanics into the gameplay. At the start of each game players will see Freddy the skull in the center of the landscape screen. Freddy is surrounded by tons and tons of bombs just waiting to blow up and kill him. All players have five lives as they try and see how long they can rotate the gears around Freddy to keep bombs from hitting him. Each bomb diffused by hitting another adds to your score and each second you last is tracked on the top of the screen. The longer you last the harder it gets, the longer you last the more fun the game becomes. Do you think you can help Freddy last longer than your friends?

    If you think that’s easy add more fireballs for more of a challenge. Spin the hitting gears when you can for an added twist to the gameplay. “Bomb Squadz” features tons of options that make the app that much better all while staying true to its original and addicting gameplay. With awesome sounds, cool graphics and a high-score leaderboard you’ll definitely want to keep your eyes on, “Bomb Squadz” is sure to become one of your new favorite games.

    Available in the app store for just 99 cents “Bomb Squadz” is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 5.0 or later.

  • Find your latest app addiction in the app Berry Jay
    Berry Jay App Demo 590 Game App Demos

    Find your latest app addiction in the app Berry Jay

    Lately in the App Store it’s quite simple to find clone after clone of the same “flappy” application. While most developers only push to make their apps like others luckily others strive for something original and fresh. Help Jay the bird collect as many berries as possible but be careful, don’t let him run into the red bird and other dangerous items. All it takes is one tap and you’re sure to want to keep playing this new addicting arcade game.

    After launch all users are greeted by the main menu where it’s made very easy to see exactly everything the app has to offer. Buttons to play, change settings and see more info on the app are conveniently placed on the bottom of the screen. The whole app features a well designed forest setting and all players have to do to get started is hit the “play” button.

    It’s not uncommon to find yourself in situations when you just need a quick fix of fun. Whether you’re on the bus, waiting in line or just sitting in your house, a good game for these needing times of fun is perfect. Download “Berry Jay” and you’re sure to enjoy your new go-to game as you take up the challenge and strive to beat your latest high-score time and time again. Luckily playing is made simple for all ages as all you must do is tap the screen to keep Jay the bird afloat. As Jay flaps his way across the screen he bounces from one side of the screen to the other and your job is to help tap or not tap the screen helping him collect berries from the tree in the center. The game gets even more challenging as red birds guard the sides of the screen from time to time but don’t hit one or it’s game over. Just how long do you think you can help Jay survive?

    “Berry Jay” is a classic example of a great application that keeps you coming back for more. It’s simple gameplay makes it easy to understand while still being challenging enough to replay. With coins earned after collecting so many berries you can keep playing and playing to make your scores higher and higher. Send the red guards away temporarily and spend that time collecting even more berries, the berries are key and focus is important if you want to come out with the high-score amongst your friends. Players can even take to Game Center to track their high scores and motivate themselves to do even better, making for more great fun.

    Fly your way to the top and soar your way to new heights of fun in the app “Berry Jay”. Available in the App Store for free, “Berry Jay” is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 5.1 or later.

  • Become a hero in Zombie TD: 4 Days Defense
    Zombie TD App Demo 590 Game App Demos

    Become a hero in Zombie TD: 4 Days Defense

    Nightmares come true when zombies come to life in the app “Zombie TD: 4 Days Defense”. When the city is struck by a powerful virus all the people around you turn into mummified and lifeless beings. With numbers growing smaller the only hope for man kind comes down to whether you can handle the challenge. Take part in a tower-defense game of new sorts tapping your way to save man-kind.

    While you’ve probably read about similar apocalyptic stories and you may have even heard about them on television, the app “Zombie TD” brings it to life. After launch users immediately are shown the high stakes involved with the app as a main graphic shows a few people fighting off tons of zombies. From this very main menu all players can access all parts of the application quite easily. With options to check out how-to play, achievements, shopping and even more there are plenty of available features for players to quickly become comfortable with and enjoy. When you’re ready to join the battle all you must do is hit the “play” button to begin.

    Get ready to stand your ground and fight off wave after wave of zombies. The existence of humans relies on one person, you. The game is separated into 4 days, each day a level pack containing 18 intense moments of the day for players to play through. Each day begins the same with zombies entering from various paths, entering in the left and if you let them exiting on the right. Your objective is quite simple don’t let the zombies exit on the right as they’ll get too close to your land and destroy it. By setting up towers along the zombies path you can place soldiers to pick off zombies as they near closer to your territory. While the task at hand may sound easy it’s far from simple. Players are only allotted three lives or it’s game over and if they’re not strategic about where they place their towers it’s all over. Complete your assignments and even earn rewards to do even better in the game. Do you think you can step up to the challenge and come out a hero? There’s only one way to find out.

    “Zombie TD” is so much better than other tower defense games because it flips the genre over into fresh new forms of gameplay while still staying true to why it’s loved. The game features a classic 8-bit design, different zombie types of various difficulties and over 15 different types of towers to build. With over 72 gruesome levels with zombies in every corner there’s no way you won’t want to build your towers and get in the game.

    What are you waiting for? Don’t let the the zombies take over the world! Join this new addicting game and join the fight. Available for free in the App Store, “Zombie TD: 4 Days Defense” is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 7.0 or later.

  • Leave no treasure left behind in the game Pearl Hunter
    Pearl Hunter App Demo 590 Game App Demos

    Leave no treasure left behind in the game Pearl Hunter

    If you’ve ever dreamed of sailing the big blue ocean with the likes of pirates on board and a giant ship in-route for treasure, then the app “Pearl Hunter” is perfect for you. Jump into the story following a young boy named Jimmy as he is forced to help pirates uncover treasure. Defy danger, collect and survive your way through each level of this original and entertaining adventure.

    After launch users are brought to a main menu that immediately brings in the theme of the game. While the design fully captures the pirating theme there are also buttons for players to access all features of the game. Pick which level you’d like to play or simply continue your way through the story by tapping the on screen options. Getting started in this game is as simple as it gets making it easy for players of all ages to enjoy.

    Take to the seas and collect what you can but beware of sharks along the way. In the app “Pearl Hunter” all players help Jimmy as he is forced to swim to the bottom of the ocean to collect pearls and even diamonds while on his journey. While this can be a treacherous swim all players must hold and move their fingers across the screen to help guide Jimmy safely to and from the pearl. Keep a close eye on the meter tracking your oxygen and collide into small bubbles to maintain your breathing. But here’s where things get tricky along the way if you run into big bubbles next thing you know you’ll be floating away in it, double tap the screen to pop it and keep moving. With these big bubbles getting in your way, sharks trying to attack you and the temptation of grabbing every diamond in sight, this all helps to create a fun challenge unlike what any other game in the app store seems to offer nowadays.

    The ultimate test of skill comes as once you’ve pocketed the pearl a big and dangerous monster tries to get it back from you. Help guide Jimmy to the end of each level by helping him reach his way back to the pirate’s ship. Sound easy? Just wait until you try it out yourself! With three lives for each trip and high stakes in fulfilling the wishes of the pirates are you up to the challenge?

    Join the adventure and collect every bit of treasure in sight in the riveting game “Pearl Hunter”. Now available in the App Store for free “Pearl Hunter” is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 7.0 or later.

  • Tap, blend and score your way to the top
    Blend App Demo 590 Game App Demos

    Blend App Demo

    One of the simplest things learned when growing up are the basic colors; green, orange, blue and red. While familiarizing yourself with these colors can be quite easy the next lesson learned includes knowing which colors are combined to create other colors. In the new game “Blend: The Game” users can enjoy a gem-collapse like game with the added twist of understanding the concepts of colors. Tap like groups of colored blocks and blend blocks together to keep the game going in this simple yet challenging game.

    After launch users are brought to a main menu where they can access all features of the game. The minimalistic design of the app and it’s graphics put a real emphasis on colors, form fitting it to the objective of its gameplay. Users can simply hop into a game if they’d like by hitting the “play” button but if they’d like to see how to play there’s a corresponding button for this option as well.

    “Blend” takes a classic form of gameplay and transforms it’s familiarity to a comfortable level for players of all ages to pick up and enjoy but all while still making them think. The initial objective of the game remains quite easy as your goal is to match and remove colors from a block filled board. By tapping any compound section of three or more like-colored blocks you can add points to your score. Challenge comes into play as you must see how many blocks you can remove in just 20 moves, all while keeping the color factor in mind. See aside from simply playing the game and matching only with the blocks that are automatically given to you, if you see an opportunity to remove blocks by changing another’s color you can do so. By swiping say a red block with a blue block you can create a new purple block and even better do so without having your blending maneuvers count as moves. With all of these factors into play this helps to create a game that you can instantly recognize but still enjoy with a significant addition making it good refreshing fun.

    While “Blend” offers new and intriguing gameplay to an App Store full of copycats, it advances itself even further with the addition of power-ups. All players will be happy to find that in puzzling situations they can tap their power-ups located on the bottom of the screen to give themselves more moves and another to change the color of single blocks instantly. These power-ups can be earned by clearing 10 or more blocks in a single move, scoring over 200 points in a round or by even purchasing them for a dollar. With fun gameplay, game-changing power ups and a challenging fresh concept “Blend: The Game” is sure to be a fun new addition to your device.

    Play to blend colors and boost your way to a new high score. “Blend: The Game” is available for free in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 5.1 or later.

  • Ultimate puzzle experience for iPhone and iPad
    Puzzlesque App Demo 590 Game App Demos

    Ultimate puzzle experience for iPhone and iPad

    Puzzlesque is a unique puzzle game that combines animations with unique designs to bring you the ultimate puzzle experience on iPhone and iPad. The game features a variety of unique scenes and puzzle games designed to challenge players in new ways.

    The game’s design is relatively simplistic and easy to navigate. To select a puzzle from the main menu, tap on the puzzle book, then tap on the play option at the top of the screen. You can also change the settings by tapping on the set up option and use the how-to guide to explore the features of the game.

    Basically, your objective is to arrange a puzzle by selecting between 3×3 and 5×5 puzzles. You can also enable the rotate option, which randomly rotates each piece of the puzzle until it’s returned to the correct orientation. There is also a flip option, which randomly flips a piece vertically, horizontally or both.

    The thing that makes this puzzle game unique is the fact that each puzzle has animations, which you have to rearrange to complete the puzzle. This makes the game somewhat more difficult than a regular puzzle game, but also gives the game a sense of dynamism that you don’t often find in puzzle games in the same category as Puzzlesque.

    The puzzles range from optical illusions to nature landscapes and fractals. Although the app doesn’t support Game Center or use a points system to keep track of your completed puzzles, it is still a fun experience especially if you plan on playing this with your friends and family.

    Puzzleque is free to download from the iTunes app store and requires iOS 4.3 or later.

  • BingoDab is a fun bingo game for iPhone and iPad
    Bingo Dab App Demo 590 Game App Demos

    BingoDab is a fun bingo game for iPhone and iPad

    BingoDab is a fun bingo game for iPhone and iPad in which players get to play against each other for a chance to win the jackpot. With several rooms and rewards to claim, BingoDab will put your skills to the test and see if you have what it takes to become a bingo champion.

    After installing the app, you are given 500 coins as a starting bonus, and another 500 coins after 24 hours. In the dialogue box that pops up, you can choose to view a quick tutorial or go straight to the lobby to select your rooms and begin playing against other bingo players.

    Your objective is to dab your card correctly and claim any winning line or house. Once you have dabbed, you have to wait for next ball to be called since there are no repeating numbers in the game. As the numbers are called you have to dab your card correctly. You can have up to 6 cards in your hand and can get more experience points for dabbing the center of each number and for dabbing within a few seconds.

    After reaching a certain number of experience points, you will level up. As you play, the Bing-o-meter will show you when you can claim your win and when you can call bingo. There are also additional bonus items that appear under numbers on your game card that are won if you correctly dab that number once it has been called. In addition, you can win bonus experience points, bonus coins, lockboxes and keys as well as other additional surprises.

    The right hand side of the screen shows the number of experience points you earned while playing. You can also connect the game with your social media profile to play against friends or log in as a guest to access the rooms anonymously and play against other online players.

    BingoDab is free to download from the iTunes app store and requires iOS 7.0 or later.

  • Hoopla Gems is a puzzle game for iPhone and iPad
    Hoopla Gems App Demo 590 Game App Demos

    Hoopla Gems is a puzzle game for iPhone and iPad

    Hoopla Gems is a puzzle game for iPhone and iPad that challenges players to remove as many shapes as possible with a single move. With 20 levels to unlock and several cool bonuses, this unique puzzle game will keep you entertained for hours.

    The game starts off with a brief tutorial explaining the various controls and features of the game. You’re also introduced to the two in game characters called Hoopla and Poopla. Hoopla is the helpful character that tells you everything you need to know about winning, while Hoopla is the mean character that couldn’t care less about whether you win a level, in fact, he would probably enjoy seeing you lose.

    After completing the tutorial, you’ll be thrown right into the first level of the game. If you’re familiar with classic games such as Tetris, then you’ll have no problem adjusting to the interface. The game has all the makings of a classic puzzle game with a few additional extras to make things a little bit more exciting.

    Your objective is to choose a color that corresponds to a shape that is hanging on to other shapes. When the shape with the corresponding color is unhooked, it causes other shapes to vanish, which gives you points. In order to complete a level, you have to complete a variety of missions and be able to strategize before you select a shape you want to remove.

    As you unlock levels in the game, you’ll have access to different powers designed to make things easier as you play. The game has a 60 missions in total, which means you can play this game for as long as you want without getting bored.

    Hoopla Gems is free to download from the iTunes app store and is compatible with devices running iOS 6.0 or later.

  • Mutants: Genetic Gladiators is a multiplayer fighting game
    Mutants Genetic Gladiators App Demo 590 Game App Demos

    Mutants: Genetic Gladiators is a multiplayer fighting game

    Mutants: Genetic Gladiators is a multiplayer fighting game for iPhone and iPad that puts players in control of a powerful team of mutant fighters. Whether you’re fan of strategy games or looking for a solid fighting game app, Mutants: Genetic Gladiators will keep you entertained for quite some time.

    After installation, the game’s tutorial introduces you to the main features and controls of the game. The game is also available as a Facebook app so you can connect the game to your Facebook profile if you want to start from where you left off on Facebook. However, if it’s your first time playing the game, you’ll be asked to go through the steps of creating a mutant from scratch.

    Creating a monster is a fairly detailed process with multiple steps that are explained in the opening tutorial.  The first thing you need to do is tap on the breeding center and choose the cross breeding option. Once two mutants have been cross bred, a lottery will determine what new mutant will be added to your team. You can then view information about the new mutant and create a name for it before going into battle.

    You need to select 3 mutants from your team to enter a fight. You can also add a friend from Facebook to the arena or get help from one of the game’s characters. Once you’re in the middle of a fight, the mutants will attack following the order at the top of the screen. When it is your turn, you’ll be asked to choose an attack from the bottom of the screen followed by your target on the right hand side of the screen.

    There are over 100 different mutants to unlock throughout the game, which makes Mutants: Genetic Gladiators a top pick among players looking for a customizable and varied gaming experience. Each mutant also comes with unique abilities and skills that can be leveled up at the end of each fight.

    Mutants: Genetic Gladiators is free to download from the iTunes app store and requires iOS 5.0 or later.

  • Monster Spin is a fun adventure game for iPhone and iPad
    Monster Spin App Demo 590 Game App Demos

    Monster Spin is a fun adventure game for iPhone and iPad

    Monster Spin is a fun adventure game for iPhone and iPad that combines the thrills of arcade gaming with the excitement of gambling on a slot machine. Your objective is to help Jack the space cowboy along his journey through outer space and help him reach the score goal before your shape ships runs out of energy.

    Once installed, the game greets you with an introductory tutorial explains how to play the game. The tutorial is easy to follow and includes pictures of various interface elements to help you understand how things work once you start the game. After familiarizing yourself with the rules of the game, you’ll be thrown right into the game and given a score goal to reach.

    To spin the slot machine, tap on the “Start” button on the bottom half of the screen and a slot machine will continue spinning until it lands on a particular monster. As you play, there are a variety of challenges you’ll have to overcome as well as cheats you can use to reach your goal. Every row of monsters you successfully collect adds towards the points in the main goal.

    There are also several boosters you can tap on to increase your points and increase the number of monsters you catch. Each booster can only be used for a limited amount of time in each level, so you’ll have to be careful when using them. You can also see how many points you can earn one you’ve matched all the monsters on the slot machine.

    After you’ve reached your goal, you’ll be able to move on to the next level of the game and continue on your adventure through outer space. The game has twelve levels you have to complete, all of which are really fun to play during your free time.

    Monster Spin is free to download from the iTunes app store and is compatible with iOS 5.1 or later.

  • Musica Tap is a fun music game for iPhone users
    Musica Tap App Demo 590 Game App Demos

    Musica Tap is a fun music game for iPhone users

    Musica Tap is a fun music game for iPhone who want to experience a new level of interactivity with their music. The game is composed of a series of notes and rhythms that sync to any soundtrack, whether it’s your favorite song or one of the in game soundtracks.

    Once installed, you’ll be given the option of playing through a brief tutorial that walks you through the various aspects of the interface and gameplay. The game’s interface is made of a stave, notes, and a game area split into two zones. Your objective is to hit the screen in the correct side of the game area when the note passes over the stave.

    The notes are matched to different elements of the track so you will be able to keep track of when you need to hit a note by looking at the game’s interface as well as listening to the different rhythmic elements such as the sound of a snare or drum beat. There are a total of eight notes, all of which correspond to a different sound in the music.

    A simple note is used for a one-hit sound such as a snare or a key, whereas a long note is used for something like a guitar section. To play a simple note simply tap on the screen once. For a long note, you have to hold your finger on the right side of the screen until the end of the note. The trick to hitting all the notes correctly is to focus on making sure your taps are accurate and in time with the music.

    One of the cool features about this app is the ability to upload music from your user library into the game. You can also choose the difficulty between easy, medium, and hard if you want to challenge yourself with more complex note arrangements and music tempos.

    Musica Tap is available as a free download from the iTunes app store and is compatible with devices running iOS 6.0 or later.

  • eMoraba is a rendition of the classic board game Morabaraba for iOS
    eMoraba App Demo 590 Game App Demos

    eMoraba is a rendition of the classic board game Morabaraba for iOS

    eMoraba is a rendition of the classic board game Morabaraba for iPhone and iPad users. It features the same design, gameplay, and challenges that any Morabaraba player will be familiar with from the moment they start the app. And with a comprehensive artificial intelligence engine, the game manages to give you the impression that you’re playing against a real opponent.

    If you’ve never heard of Morabaraba before, it’s basically a board game in which players have to capture as many pebbles as possible into their home bowl. The opening screen of the game gives you the option playing against the computer or 2-player table top mode where you can choose your mode play by tapping on one of the menu buttons.

    To move the ball from one bowl to another, simply place your finger over the selected bowl and tap on the bowl where you want to move the pebbles. The game has nine playing levels, at varying difficulties so the longer you play the game, the harder it becomes. As with the original game, moving the pebbles is always done from left to right, and you can’t drop a pebble on the opponent’s home bowl.

    When the last pebble is dropped on an empty bowl the move ends, which signals the beginning of your opponent’s turn. Your score is determined by the number of pebbles you manage to capture in your home bowl. Each pebble added to the bowl adds to the total score until the player with the highest score and number of pebbles in their bowl wins.

    The game’s overall design has a very authentic feel to it – the woodgrain finish and pebble animations give a sense of dynamism and action. The interface also has several icons and colors used throughout, which makes for a visually captivating gaming experience for an otherwise regular board game.

    eMoraba is free to download from the iTunes app store and can be installed on any device with iOS 4.3 or later.

  • Quiz for Kids a quiz game app for iOS
    Quiz For Kids App Demo 590 Game App Demos

    Quiz for Kids a quiz game app for iOS


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