AP Economics – App Review

AP Economics - App Review

AP Economics - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Study on the go with AP Economics Up Down Study!  If you are a student studying for your AP Economics Test, a college student brushing up on basic economic concepts to prep for your college courses, or a business man/women in need of economic concept reference for work, this app will help you!  Separated by microeconomic and macroeconomic subjects, AP Economics Up Down Study clearly breaks down all of the important topics and concepts into separate units.  As you review each topic, rate your level of understanding either by indicating it in number form at the bottom (-3 through +3) or by swiping up or down.  Swiping up will indicate you understand the topic, swiping down means that you need some more background information.  Easily reference information that needs to be studied more closely by the color dot represented in the table of contents.  As information is learned and retained, update the color level.  The app takes a break from the serious to offer you information on famous economic majors and top economic schools.  Users can easily get help from the AP Economics Facebook page or join in the discussion.  This app is great on many different levels and is highly recommended!

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The AP Economics – Up Down Study app helps engaged high-school students prepare for their AP Economics Test on-the-go! Download AP Economics – Up Down Study today & walk into your AP Economics Test Session with the knowledge to succeed!

This learning application was developed for with the sole focus of effectively preparing users to take the AP Economics Test. The stakes here are high – a single point difference in your test’s overall score can mean the difference between getting a semester’s worth of college credit & getting nothing at all. AP Economics – Up Down Study gives you a mobile study portal that you can bring along and review from anywhere, helping you study more flexibly and without logistical restrictions or hassles.

The app includes a full point-by-point overview of both AP Microeconomics & AP Macroeconomics classes, and maintains a complete focus on reviewing the most relevant information students need to understand and memorize specifically for the general AP Economics Test.

AP Economics – Up Down Study is not simply filled with helpful content tough. With a keen eye on the maxims of the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, the app itself is structured to promote the most efficient learning processes. This extra attention to proper learning technique means that students can acquire – and perhaps more importantly retain – the informational content included within AP Economics – Up Down Study as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, users have constant access to the app’s dedicated Facebook page. This learning forum is managed by eminent Economics teacher Dr. Han & provides users with an effective and reliable platform form which to ask specific relevant questions or to share their own knowledge with the app’s community of students. Studying for the final AP Economics test is challenging, get AP Economics – Up Down Study and lessen the burden of this sizable task immediately!

App Features:

  • Efficient review of the overall contents.
  • Summarization of the main points of AP Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.
  • Effective memorization of main points quick & repetitive learning of all app content.
  • “Raise or Drop” method of concept learning to maximize your potential for success.
  • Learning content divided by your memory status to ensure effective self-education.
  • Facebook app forum access via http://www.facebook.com/AP.Economics
  • Facebook page managed by eminent Economics teacher to resolve user questions & share knowledge.
  • Fully in-depth study system & interface optimized to facilitate hassle-free mobile learning.

AP Economics – Up Down Study is developed by the CheongShim International Education Research Institute

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later

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