Angry Birds Star Wars iPhone App is Another Big Hit


Angry Birds Star Wars iPhone App is Another Big Hit

Angry Birds iPhone App Meets Star Wars

The Angry Birds franchise has become one of the most successful mobile game app series in the world. Since its release, the iOS app series has been downloaded over a billion times and spawned several ventures ranging from theme parks, TV series to books.

More recently, Angry Birds teamed up with Lucas Arts — following Disney’s acquisition– to create Angry Birds Star Wars, a Star Wars themed version of Angry Birds. With an already extensive catalogue of releases available, will this version prove to be as successful as previous ones or fail to live up to the hype? In order to answer this question let’s take a look at what has been added to the game and what you can expect to find after you download it to your iPhone or iPad.

The first thing you’ll notice about the new level designs is that they are spinoffs of the original Star Wars trilogy locations. The game has five chapters including Tatooine, Death Star, Path of the Jedi and bonus chapter. The Hoth chapter is also included but you won’t be able to play it until a later update.

The game’s story has you playing the role of rebel birds out to defend the galaxy from the evil Imperial Pigtroopers. The gameplay is the same as with every other game from the Angry Bird series – you have to tap and aim your bird to destroy the structures protecting the pigs in order to unlock the next level.

As you unlock more levels you can level up your birds with upgrades and use different types of birds against the enemy pigs. There are also new gameplay mechanics which allow you to use lightsabers, Blasters and Jedi powers against your enemy.

Although much of the addictive and fun elements are still intact, the constant request to make in-app purchases is something that gets irritating after some time. The Path of the Jedi chapter is unplayable unless you purchase it for an extra $1.99 and there are in-app purchases that will cost you up to $19.99. This is something that needs to be rethought as it seriously diminishes the overall gaming experience.

Overall, this is still a great app and a solid release from Rovio Entertainment. Angry Birds Star Wars is $0.99 from the iTunes app store and is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad.

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