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The whole world is into connectivity right now. From the student to the yuppie to parents and even grandparents, it is definitely the “in” thing to be updating your status online these days. There are a multitude of social networks; anyone can just pick their poison. The biggest crazes are Facebook and Twitter of course. And for those who prefer to, there are always email and text messaging to stay connected.

Top application developers know how tough it is to juggle all of these, so they’ve come out with AmIOK?! to help people manage each and every account synced in an easy and timely manner.

The best applications figure out what will make our lives easier and translate it into a simple, workable tool. This is definitely one that does that. It is straight-forward and modern.

Reach out to all of your friends—in all of your accounts—quickly with this application for the iPhone. Basically, AmIOK?! gives its users the ability to reach all of their contacts in one go. You can pre-select email and text contacts into the application. There is also the option to share (from in-app) on Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, whenever you want to update your status collectively, you can simply type in what you want to say, and share with everyone from just one application!

Other features keep AmIOK?! fresh and interesting. Head to the awesome mood-map feature and see how your personal mood compares to the moods in different places around the world.

The graphics of AmIOK?! is simple, but certainly cute. The black background is sleek, especially against the bright yellow smiley face of the logo. Navigation is easy with the menu bar at the bottom that will take you to different features of the app in a flash.

AmIOK?! is without the flashy design of other apps today, but its concept is ideal for the contemporary times. Check it out at the App Store where it is available for free.

iTunes Description
Are you Happy? Upset? Need Help NOW???

Share the answer with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and Email/Text Contacts all at once with one simple click!

This app (Am-I-OK?!) lets you quickly reach out and share your mood and status, or ask for help from everyone you know in one step!  Add a picture too.  Or simply check out the mood of others anywhere using our cool mood-map.

“Carjacked!” HELP!; “bored in class”; “shots fired”; “lost”; “arrested in Egypt” … HELP!
“In accident but I’M OK”; “home soon”; “I’m late”; “party”; “evacuated but safe”… I’M OK!
“Stuck in traffic” I’M NOT OK; “lame date”; “sad”; “miss u”; “come home” … I’M NOT OK!

Pre-select contacts for Email and Text and/or post to Facebook and Twitter.  Add your own text, take a picture, and tap your mood (OK, NOT OK, HELP).  Everyone you selected will get the same message, no matter how they are connected to you!

After you send your message, check out our cool mood-map and see how your mood compares to others in your area or anywhere around the world.  We harvest mood factors from social networks to show you the local/worldwide “mood”. 

Misery loves company, happiness is contagious, and hopefully, HELP is around the corner … and now you can share and visualize it too!
Our app is constantly evolving based on feedback from users like you.  Please tell us what you think!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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AmIOK?! - Twitter, Facebook, email status sharing! - AmIOK?! LLC

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