Alphabuild – App Review

Alphabuild - App Review

Alphabuild - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Alphabuild is a cute new game that will keep your kids entertained for hours. The idea is to build the alphabet by capturing  the correct shapes off the conveyor belt.  Alphabuild is fun and easy for you and kids.  They can collect power-ups, pop bonus bubbles, earn stars and points as the game progresses.

Now Alphabuild will be more challenging based on your children’s age, but don’t worry… If they don’t get it right the first time practice makes perfect. Level 1 is the basic mode and set for ages 4+, Level 2 is standard mode and introduces obstacles which makes the game more challenging, and Level 3 is challenge mode which is more intense and requires quick reflexes.

Alphabuild has stunning bright graphics.  The user interface is easy to use and navigate.  For a small price of $0.99 Alphabuild is well worth the price.


iTunes Description
Welcome to Alphabuild, a One-of-a-kind Letter Factory
[Parenting Magazine ScreenPlay App of the Week! Sept 7-14]

It’s time to build the alphabet! Just capture the correct shapes from the conveyor as they enter your light field.

Collect power-ups… pop bonus bubbles… and earn stars and points as you go.

Level 1 is an easy, no-penalty play mode. The color-coded shapes help reinforce letter recognition and construction.

At the higher levels, you must also dodge and tap away the obstacles before they reach your letter and cause trouble.

Don’t worry if you don’t get everything just right the first time… Alphabuild lets you play new rounds until you’ve earned perfect gold stars for your whole alphabet!

Rich visuals and snappy gameplay make Alphabuild a fun educational game for kids (…once they get their parents to stop playing).


  • NEW in this version: 6 unique and colorful game screens to choose from.
  • Detailed Tutorial with instructions; plus quick game hints on the Home screen.
  • Level 1 (Basic Mode) difficulty is set for ages 4+
  • Level 2 (Standard Mode) picks up the pace, and introduces silly obstacles that try to mess up your progress. Tap them before they reach your letter!
  • Level 3 (Challenge Mode) is even more intense and requires quick reflexes and extra concentration.
  • Go For Gold! You can keep playing rounds without losing your progress.
  • Accelerometer feature (optional): Tilt your device to control game speed!
  • Includes option to play in Alphabetic order or Randomly.
  • Separate Score Boards for each of the three levels.
  • Visual hints (optional) make it easier to spot the baddies.
  • Choice of Robot voice or Human (female) voice for all spoken messages.
  • Detailed sound controls.
  • A-Z Soundboard Activity featuring Robot and Human voices.
  • A fully designed experience, with rich visuals, a fresh soundtrack and whimsical sound effects.
  • No in-app purchases, locked levels or upgrade fees. …Just a fun new way to play with the alphabet!
  • Alphabuild is the first game to feature the Letterness™ system by Glyfyx, Inc.

Play Alphabuild on the iPhone 3Gs & iPhone 4; iPad 1 & iPad 2; iPod Touch 3g & iPod Touch 4g. iOS 4.0+

[Note: devices running an iOS earlier than 4.0 are not supported. The original iPhone & iPhone 3G; and iPod Touch 1g & 2g are not supported by iOS 4.0+]

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Alphabuild - Glyfyx, Inc.

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