Alarm with Music GOLD – App Review

Alarm with Music GOLD - App Review

Alarm with Music GOLD - App Review

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Alarm Clock GOLD with Music has all of the bells and whistles you expect from an alarm clock app.  In addition to being able to customize the snooze and repeat options, this app allows you to wake up to your own tunes. You can add your favorite song or sounds from your playlist and set your alarm ring time – up to 2 hours for you sound sleepers!

This app comes with enjoyable and fairly standard alarm sounds including everything from crickets to the sea, however, omits the ever-popular although cliché rooster crow. That being said, the neatest feature is the voice select/record option. This allows you to record a sound and set as your alarm.  Possibilities include:  boss (annoying) or spouse (hopefully pleasant) to grab your attention and wake you up. This was the coolest feature to me – not sure why I have such a childlike wonder recording sounds into the phone, but I spent quite a bit of time recording custom alarm sounds!

By enabling MultiTaksing, the alarm will ring and vibrate when the app is off. This is a bit of a strain on the battery, though it’s recommended to turn on before heading off to sleep.  We’ve had the opportunity to review several alarm clocks and not only is Alarm Clock GOLD with Music practical; the voice record feature will allow for some amusing mornings.


iTunes Description
NEVER download another iPhone Alarm App Again! ALmu includes an Mp3 Alarm, Voice Recording Alarm, Holiday Alarm, Preselect Hourly, Daily and Sleep in Settings!

Do you want wake up to your FAVORITE songs?
Do you want wake up to the voice of your girlfriend or boyfriend?
Do you forget important holidays?

If you answered YES to these questions then ALmu is PERFECT for you!

“My personal favorite feature is the record option. You can literally create a custom alarm clock tone.” -iPhoneappreview

“This app is definitely worth it for the people who are completely fed up of getting annoyed each and every morning by the standard sounds of the alarm.” iPhoenappworld

“The app is a nice touch and will make a worth replacement to the existing iPhone alarm clock.” TopAppreviews

“A really nice alarm app, one of the most effective and best I’ve seen on the iOS App store.” – Appyzilla

“Looks like tomorrow there’s a chance that you will wake up with a smile on your face.” – Appbite

“The most unique feature was the voice recording one. My daughter is dying to record her yelling for me to wake up as my alarm!” – TheBoredTech


1. Mp3 Alarm
Use your favorite songs from your iPod/iPhone playlist as an hourly or daily Alarm!

2. Voice Recording Alarm:
Record the voice of your loved ones and use it as an Alarm!

3. Music Timer Before Sleeping
Fall asleep while listening to your favorite songs and don’t worry about turning the music off!

4. Holiday Sleep in Settings:
Don’t wake up early on Holidays! With ALmu you can sleep in on holidays and enjoy an extra few hours of sleep without your preset alarms waking you up!

ALmu keeps track of all the IMPORTANT holidays in these countries: USA, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Canada, German, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Hong Kong, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Netherlands, Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand, and Russia!

You can hear music & vibration alarm sound, even if alarm app is in background state.

Method of setting up alarms for holidays, Saturdays, and every other days are in PATENT PENDING.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

ALmu : Alarm with Music GOLD - nowApp Inc.

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