Add Speech and Thought Bubbles to Photos with Bubbsie App

Add Speech and Thought Bubbles to Photos with bubbsie App

Add Speech and Thought Bubbles to Photos with bubbsie App

Add Some Character to Your Photos with Bubbsie Photo Editing App for iPhone

Bubbsie is a photo editing app for iPhone that lets you add text messages and fun callouts to your images. With its intuitive user interface you can easily take, edit and share images with people from your social network profiles.

Editing your photos with Bubbsie is a 3-step process that involves you first taking a photo with your device, then using the text editor to add text, and finally sharing it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

There is also an option to import images from your existing collection of photos and the standard rear facing to front facing camera toggle button on the top right of the screen. After an image is loaded you are taken to the edit screen almost immediately where you can start adding text to your images.

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Tapping on the bottom center icon places a generic callout icon with some placeholder text you can edit by selecting it. You can choose between five different callout shapes, pick the layering order and drag the ends of the shapes to point to any subject in your images.

The app’s design has a very basic layout which is easy to navigate and works as you’d expect from a regular photo editing app for iPhone. The interface responds fluidly to gestures when moving different objects around and you can even add hashtags to your photos so that they show up when searched for on Twitter.

Although you won’t find any fancy options such as adding filters or changing the fonts, this is still a good app for spicing up your photos with funny callouts. Bubbsie is fee to download from the app store and requires iOS 5.0 or later.

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