Acro-Dict Conceivable Acronyms and Abbreviations in One Friendly App


Acro-Dict Conceivable Acronyms and Abbreviations in One Friendly App


Acro-Dict Acronyms and Abbreviations App AppDictions Review

As technology becomes modernized and is made available for use of younger generations, chances are we're going to see differences in the language and slang various generations use. In fact, some may already have difficulty in understanding shortened words which are either texted or mailed to them. Good thing technology still finds ways to aid us.

In fact, Acro-Dict is an app developed to assist us in understanding the meaning or real definition of abbreviated words and acronyms. For instance, the famous shortened words like LOL and ROFL are easily defined, narrowing the generation gap, allowing for better communication.

Acro-Dict Acronyms and Abbreviations App Features:

As mentioned earlier, Acro-Dict serves as a dictionary for all walks of life.  Different acronyms, abbreviations, or even codes (better known as AAC) are all stored and continuously added to this app. It caters whatsoever long word or phrases it signifies.

Think about it. Through this app, doctors can understand engineers, and lawyers can understand geologists. Simple analogy isn’t it? Aside from that, these other features further enhance the app:

  • Database can be accessed even if you’re offline
  • Built-in glossary and tutorial to assist you in every AAC available
  • Categories are sub-divided depending on profession (i.e. since BP might mean blueprint to engineers and blood pressure to doctors)

Acro-Dict Acronyms and Abbreviations App Appearance & Layout:

Acro-Dict tool app is very easy to use, with the interface presented in a clean, dictionary-like layout. A first time user shouldn't find difficulty in navigating the vast expanse of nearly 60,000 entries, and you should be able to immediately find what you are looking for (since it has quick search and alphabetical order).

Acro-Dict Acronyms and Abbreviations App Value:

Acro-Dict with have you deciphering acronyms and abbreviations in no time flat and is currently available for any gadget supporting iOS of 4.0 and newer, You only need to download it to iTunes for an affordable fee of $0.99. Order now while the price is still this cheap.

iPhone App
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Acro-Dict - 25dev ★★★★☆

iTunes Description

Nowadays, the flow of information counts. Lengthy words and phrases are shortened into acronyms, abbreviations or codes (AAC for short) to reduce the amount of information to process for either written or verbal communication. There is an Endless VAST amount of abbreviations, codes and acronyms, which is constantly being added too.


★★★★★Featured in iTunes in 544 places★★★★★ 

We have developed an app – Acro-Dict which has done all the hard work and cumulated every conceivable acronyms, abbreviations or codes into one user friendly app.

This useful app provides you with the functions and features to keep track of all the AAC that you deal with at work, home, and daily life. No longer worry about remembering acronyms again – let Acro-Dict keep track of them and allow you to share with others simply.

The app is ideal for:

►parents wondering what your kids are texting on their phones or internet

►medical students and doctors


►IT (computing and networking)

►geologists and geodesists



►pilots and astronomers

►mathematicians and chemists

►and many others….

Main Acro-Dict Features:

✓ offline database (no Internet connection required)

✓ regular updates

✓ 31 categories

✓ over 58000 entries (updating frequently)

✓ additional extended descriptions for some AAC (constantly updated)

✓ quick dynamic search of words while you type

✓ a glossary search engine (fully searchable)

✓ the ability to bookmark selected AAC for easier reference

✓ share on Facebook, Twitter or email, SMS the result of a search

✓ search Google, Wikipedia for more definitions of AAC

✓ build-in tutorial

We are adding more and more additional extended descriptions to acronyms, which will allow for a more understandable explanation of each entry.


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