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AppDictions strives to provide quality professional app demos and we have proudly been doing so since 2010. We’d like to thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy your time while on the site. Our demos help viewers and readers alike learn about the facts and details about the latest apps in the App Store. From full descriptions of the functionality and user interfaces of apps, we provide all of the facts and details needed prior to making purchases in both written and video form.

While review websites can fail to present the important information about apps, AppDictions does the opposite. By being an app demo site we show off how applications work and the features of them, to provide customers with everything they need to decide whether the app fits what they’re looking for.

Enjoy a fully interactive experience as you read and watch our demos. Rate, share and do so much more as you easily communicate your thoughts to developers and ultimately, the world. Our new site has been adjusted and improved with great members only forums and comment sections for a furthermore enhanced experience. Browse, explore and find out about new apps and even get paid apps for free. By being a member users can take advantage of daily app promo code giveaways. As a developer simply submit your app promo codes to give users the chance to check it out for free and spread awareness.

What kind of marketing services does AppDictions offer developers?
1. Written App Demos
2. Video App Demos
3. Promotional Trailer App Demos
4. Twitter Promotions
5. Facebook Promotions
6. Marketing Courses
7. Banner Advertisements
8. Press Release Writing

In redesigning our website we wanted to give developers an upper-hand on driving awareness to our posts. Now with the more views you generate, the more exposure you can earn in certain areas of the site. Purchase a demo and enjoy the benefits of home page exposure for even longer. If your post has the most views for example your post will appear in the “Most Popular” section until it falls from its view ranking. AppDictions takes pride in offering not only professional services to developers, but allowing them to enjoy the benefits of using our site at the same time.

What benefits can I have with AppDictions as a developer?
1. Have your app shown amongst the “Most Popular” section of the home page just by consistently currently being one of the top four most viewed posts.

2. Our website is broken into categories allowing your app to remain displayed in it’s relative section on our home page even longer. The more exposure on our site the more downloads you can receive.

3. Readers have the ability to socialize with you, the developer. Receive questions, suggestions and more easily.

4. Users can seamlessly share our demos on social networks to help expand app awareness.

5. Drive and create conversations in our forums about your app.

Here at AppDictions we give developers the individual attention they desire. By focusing on the success of each developer we’re able to help devise the most marketable and social media strategies to help reach your goals.

Most app blogs/review sites only provide a “review and forget it” type of service. That’s not us. Enjoy a totally new quality website and service while here on AppDictions.com.

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