abc Notes – App Review

abc Notes - App Review

abc Notes - App Review

AppDictions App Review
abcNotes is one of the best note apps we have seen on the market.  With great features like the beautiful look of your notes with 24 skins to choose from, ability to mark notes with more than 2000 badge designs, sort your notes into up to 15 virtual desktops (9 for iPhone & iPod Touch), more than 60 professionally-designed backgrounds for your virtual desktops, highly customizable note appearance, and much more.  abcNotes keeps your notes organized and with the design/layout of this app it does just that.


iTunes Description
abcNotes – Simply the most realistic & user friendly notes in the world!

No more boring note lists – abcNotes brings you the ability to make REAL notes on your iPad.


  • Email a single note, all notes on a desktop, or all your notes in plain text or in colour.
  • View your notes on device – save a desktop with your notes to a Photo Album, and then use this image as the wallpaper.
  • Beautiful look of your notes – 24 skins to choose from.
  • Mark notes with badges – more than 2000 badge designs available.
  • Sort your notes into up to 15 virtual desktops (9 for iPhone & iPod Touch).
  • More than 60 professionally-designed backgrounds for your virtual desktops. Use any image from your iPad Photo Library as the background for your virtual desktop.
  • Highly customizable note appearance – set the position, size, and angle of your note, as well as the font and colour of your note text. 
  • Multi-touch support for rotating and resizing notes.
  • iPad only: View your notes in any orientation — portrait, landscape, or even upside-down.

Have you ever seen any buttons on a paper sticky note? We’ve never. That’s why there are no buttons on abcNotes! Have you ever seen sticky notes precisely aligned on your fridge? You can rotate your abcNotes to any angle you wish!

Up to 15 (9 for iPhone & iPod Touch) virtual desktops will help you sort your notes, and each desktop background can be individually customized. Each desktop can hold as many notes as you like, and you can locate, resize, or rotate each note as needed.

The appearance of your notes is highly customizable – we offer 24 skins, a lot of fonts and text colors, variable text size… What’s more, you can mark each note with a distinctive badge!

The most of our 64 amazing desktop backgrounds are provided by a famous design studio – Vladstudio.

We offer an easy and intuitive user interface – only few icons on the desktop allow you to create a note, email it, customize the current desktop, and switch to another desktop. Double-tap a note to edit it or change its appearance. Type a note using the onscreen keyboard or an external one. Pinch a note with two fingers to resize and rotate it. Simply drag a note to move it!

abcNotes supports any iPad orientation, and the layout of your notes is never lost!

Please feel free to contact us at if you have suggestions, feature requests, or bug reports.

Give it a try!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

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