A New Innovating App Idea for Runners & Music Lovers


A New Innovating App Idea for Runners & Music Lovers

It’s time to ditch your workout playlist because there’s a new iOS app that will transform the way you use music to work out. MarxRunner is a one of kind app that automatically creates the perfect exercise playlist for you based on the intensity of your workouts.  With MarxRunner, you are the playlist.

Whether you’re a casual jogger, hard-core weight lifter or a couch potato, MarxRunner will help motivate you into shape with its music selection features that are customized according to how you work out.

Users can choose between beginner, intermediate and advanced settings to begin enjoying their custom workout soundtrack. Each setting comes with a wide selection of beats that will help motivate you throughout your entire workout and leave you feeling energized and able to perform your workouts with greater ease.

For those looking for more than just a playlist, this app also provides you with valuable stats such as run time, total distance ran, and your average run speed which can all be shared via Facebook and Twitter. 

The interface is easy to navigate and the developers of have managed to turn an audacious idea into an app that works well without being overly complicated. Overall, this is the perfect companion for anyone looking to stay in shape and trying to get the most out of their workout sessions.

You can buy this app today for $0.99 at the iTunes App Store and see just how much more enjoyable your workouts will become.

iPhone App
Star Rating:
Marx Runner - Marx Runner ★★★★½

iTunes Description

Create music while you run! A new innovating App idea for runners & music lovers! Even if you don't like running, music lovers & beat makers alike will enjoy creating original beats on the go by a simple hit of a button!

Created by an Air Force Combat Veteran & former Physical Training Leader, Marx Runner is designed to motivate & push people past their physical limitations through music by releasing motivating sounds based on how fast the runner moves in speed!

You can also track your run time, total distance ran, and your average run speed & then you can share your run stats on facebook or twitter!

Marx Runner has 3 settings for for beginner runners, intermediate runners, and advanced runners so anyone can run at their own pace & enjoy creating music as they go!

Basic functions:
On the main "Run" screen when the App opens up- hit the "Shuffle All" button- keep pressing this button until you find the desired song selection of your choice. Each time you hit the "Shuffle All" button a new beat and song is instantly randomized and created for you! Once you find your desired sound, hit the "Reset & Run" button to the right. Then start to run. The song will unfold as you run and reach the set speeds!

"Speed Motivator"
When the speed motivator is ON:
All sounds will play simultaneously- as you run and reach the 4 speed settings the BPM of the song will get faster. The faster you run, the faster the song goes!

When the "Speed Motivator" is OFF:
The song you select will unfold the individual sound categories 1 at a time based on the speed setting you chose and how fast you run!

BPM fader:
Allows the runner to change the speed of the song to their desire- faster or slower. When the Speed motivator is on, the BPM is at a fixed BPM depending on how fast you run and what setting you have selected: Slow, Medium, or Fast.

You will be able to record your custom made songs from your run and then post them to Facebook or twitter!

Runners should consult a doctor before running and should always hydrate with water properly before working out. Marx Runner is not responsible for personal injury while exercising.

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Marx Runner was designed to push runners outside for maximum health & performance. Marx Runner is NOT for treadmill use on purpose- you have to be in motion in-order for the Marx Runner App to operate properly while running. Take it outside!

Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation). Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Warning: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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