69 Positions Sex Positions App Keeps Your Sex Life Interesting

69 Positions Sex Positions - App Review

69 Positions Sex Positions – App Review

Top 69 Sex Positions App Keeps Your Sex Life Interesting

Everyone is keen for keeping their sex life interesting by trying something new, and what better way to do so than experimenting with a variety of different positions? 69 Positions Sex Positions app is essentially a dictionary of sex positions; containing tons of fantastic and unique positions for you and your partner to try out – some of which are very well-known and some which you have probably never even heard of.

They are sorted into different categories, and each position has diagrams and a description to go with it. As you try more of them out, you can check each one off, and back on the categories page it gives you a percentage of how many you have tried. You can also add to your favorites and even get a random position by tapping the ‘random’ section – all of this makes 69 Positions Sex Postions the perfect app to spice up your sex life!


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Now with over 100 beautifully illustrated sex positions!

“Saved my relationship!! My wife and I bought this app and it rekindled our love life..best app on the market!” -desousa4

“Awesome!! My newlywed wife and I used about 35 of these positions on our honeymoon!” -rrnnunezrr

“Every time I whip this app out my girl’s eyes light up” -Nater1067

69 Positions is the ultimate guide to sex positions for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations, 69 Positions is the real deal. 69 Positions features 113 excellent positions that have spiced up the love lives of couples around the world. Brush up on all the classics, while adding many new and exciting positions to your repertoire with this application.


  • 113 fully illustrated positions
  • Helpful descriptions for every position
  • Organized into 7 categories
  • Streamlined, easy-to-use interface
  • Optimized for the best performance
  • Check off positions you’ve conquered, aim for 100%!
  • Save and email your favorite positions
  • Randomly cycle through all positions (w/ shake support!)
  • Threesome positions! (can be disabled from Settings on the About page)
  • Optional passcode lock (set on the About page)

We will be continually updating the app with suggestions from our fans! You can send us feedback through the About page of the app.

* NO internet connection required to use
* NO advertising within the app

Become a Fan: http://facebook.com/69PositionsApp

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

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