4Trax iPhone App is a Four Track Recorder in Your Pocket



Mix-It-Up on your iPhone with 4Trax!

4Trax is a multi-track recorder app for your iPhone and iPad. This is a handy app for DJs and music producers looking to lay down tracks on the go. You can create multi layered mixes using the app’s simple interface as well as record full length vocals for your tracks.

The interface is a familiar recreation of the staple mixing console found in every studio with functions similar to those of the real thing. The app has four separate mixing knobs which allow you to input various sounds directly from your device. The knobs can be adjusted to control the volume level of each sound in the mix just like on a traditional mixer.

You can record sounds using your device’s built in microphone by tapping on the track you want to record on and hitting the record button. Your recordings are rendered in the native .m4a format and can be as short or as long as you want them to be. You can also delete tracks and overwrite them if you need to make adjustments to the elements of your mix.

Once you have a mix consisting of four tracks, you can play back the entire song or use the solo options to listen to one track at a time. Your projects can be saved to the app and you can also import any of your previously saved projects.  There’s also an option to export your completed tracks to your library, Facebook or to your email.

4 Trax is $0.99 from iTunes and is fully compatible with all ios devices. This app is a lot of fun to use and you can create some really cool mixes using the built in features.  If you are a music lover or a professional music maker this is a must have app for you.

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