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Touch LCD App - Designer Speaking Clock


A beautiful LCD themed clock designed specifically for iPad and iPhone, packed with features to ensure you never need another clock app. This is the clock app we always wanted. We think you will too.

We have lovingly crafted every screen in Touch LCD to provide a seamless LCD experience throughout the app.

Feature List Overview:

● Spoken time, chime and alarms
● Full HD iPad support
● 3 configurable interactive panels
● Comprehensive alarm and snooze features
● Beautiful LCD theme with 5 color schemes
● Convenient world time features
● All device orientations fully supported
● Handy night mode feature

Speaking Clock Can Speak Time:

● When the screen is touched
● Each time an alarm sounds
● At a chime interval
● In simple, elegant and military styles

Alarm / Snooze Features:

● Unlimited alarms
● Each alarm can be named and customized
● Snooze an alarm with the proximity sensor
● Be alerted of the time with spoken alarms
● Limit the amount of time you can snooze
● Optional simple wake-up test (no maths)
● Set the volume for each alarm
● System settings do not affect alarm volume
● Alarms sound even if device is locked
● Wake to music from your iPod
● Choose ordered or shuffled playlists
● Set which days your alarms will repeat on

World Time Features:

● Specify an alternate time zone
● Quickly switch between active time zones
● Alarms sound for the active time zone
● Dual time zone display

Detailed Feature List:

● Inverted colors available in night mode
● Dimmer to reduce glare at night
● Chimes can be disabled in night mode
● Optimized to minimize battery usage
● Can disable the device auto lock feature
● Stopwatch accurate to 100th second
● Stopwatch runs when app is closed
● Countdown timer
● Supports iPod touch internal speaker
● Gorgeous large clock display on iPad

If you don’t have a dock, we are providing a simple to assemble, sturdy paper dock that requires no sticking or glueing and is available for both iPhone and iPad. You can download our FREE paper dock template from the product website and make your own cool looking dock.

Touch LCD is packed with useful features, for detailed information you can download the Touch LCD User Guide from the product web site:

The paper dock for iPhone and iPad, and the Touch LCD user guide are now available on the light pillar web site.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.

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