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Guys, never lose an argument using the My Virtual Girlfriend app! This is a fun, sexy, 3D app that allows you to create and interact with the perfect virtual woman. If you want an irresponsible very naughty girlfriend.….. you got it! Explore multiple levels of interaction (the 5th and highest level is love) through the built-in emoticons. You can take your digital companion on camping trips, dinner and a movie, earn brownie points by cleaning up around the house and even save up enough to put a ring on her finger. The match making section allows you to enter your own personality traits and those of your desired girlfriend.  This dating simulation is worthwhile even if you don’t need the practice in real life.


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Not since Love Plus has a virtual girlfriend videogame gathered so much attention in so little time. My Virtual Girlfriend boasts sexy, 3d, women that rival the beauty of a playboy model, and unique personalities that exaggerate typical women stereotypes. This is one dating simulation game that will have you laughing and keep you entertained for hours. It’’s no wonder why My Virtual Girlfriend has become such a popular game in the United states and internationally. It is the best 3d girlfriend simulation game available on Iphone and certainly the cheapest date you will ever have!

My virtual girlfriend is a fun and flirty, dating sim, that offers a variety of virtual girls for you to spend some time with. It offers hundreds of virtual babes to choose from, each with her own unique appearance and personality. Get to know her well because she responds to your interactions with her. You get closer to her by choosing the right things, taking the correct actions, doing activities she likes to do and as you do- the game will progress. Her mood gets better, she opens up and dialog becomes more intimate. With each level progression, there will be new ways for you to interact with her as she becomes more and more attached to you. However, do the wrong things and she will grow distant, sad, and even sarcastic and cynical. Keep it up and she will even dump you and you will have to restart your game with a brand new girl. It’s ultimately up to you the player, to make these choices, and craft your virtual relationship.

Don’t keep a pretty lady waiting, Pick her up today!! – ( just don't bring her home to meet mom. )

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Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

What's New in 1.15

  • Added more actions and activities
  • Improved Artwork.
  • Improved the game balance and dialog.
  • Minor bug fixes.

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