Shake and share your photos with the world

Shake and share your photos with the world

The United States is pretty big; full of people and full of discovery. Before the technology of today, getting to know the rest of the U.S. was as difficult as physically traveling everywhere. Now, thanks to the app “Zoom Social” you can share your part of town and get to know others all from the comfort of your favorite mobile device. Start tapping and shaking to get real-time photos, trending topics and more awesome moments from any area in just seconds, all in one great application.

After launch users are brought to a start-up screen where they can sign-up to the application via e-mail. Once the user has entered an email address they are given the option to link their Twitter account and enable location services for the app to use. Following these prompts the user is then able to begin using the application.

While social-networking apps like Twitter or Facebook can seem so traditional and tired these days, “Zoom Social” is a fresh addition to the App Store. After opening the app users can instantly get started with the fun by shaking their devices to have the app locate them and the posts and trending items around them. Here on the center of the screen a map is shown with a blue dot symboling your location and surrounding it you can use your finger to look at different posts of pictures around you. From the bottom of the screen users can access the other features the app has to offer ranging from trends, sharing options and settings. When looking around on any tab users can simply tap the posts that they’re interested in and enjoy. Tapping on an item expands it and gives the option to tweet it, retweet it, favorite it and more. You can browse through trending information easier than ever before.

Making “Zoom Social” so much better than other applications is that the app genuinely feels like an app of its own kind. Thanks to a clean interface, easy to use controls and great features “Zoom Social” offers information-hungry people a sleek and useful app to download and have fun with in no time. Go to any address you want, search for the trends or items you’re interested in or get the topics started yourself with quick and easy sharing options. Start zooming and see what’s trending near and far today!

“Zoom Social” is available for free in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 7.0 or later.

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